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wait a second, if a bunch of friends digg something it doesnt work as well as if a bunch of strangers digg it? weird. i mean, i guess that makes sense but. bummer. oh, and afaik digg doesnt have any groups, so we couldnt have a digg.com/hak5 group or something. at least we got a myspace group, but to tell ya the truth myspace really feels like the ghetto of the web 0.9. i mean really, it's painfull at times. im not sure what the fuss was about. oh well, at least i got a date tonight out of it. "C", if you're reading, i had a wonderful time, see you at the cocktail party saturday. sorry, my meds are kicking in, damn, now im even typing like a myspacer. oh well. oh, we are on another social network kinda thing called vox. it's pretty cool, i redirected my darrenkitchen.net domain there and i really like the blogging backend. you're all welcome to add me as a friend there but i do believe it's invite only right now. pm me if you need the hookup on an invite. hmm.... i guess now that we're on the topic of social networking and of course that means hak5 promotion, is there any area of the web that we should be exploiting^Wusing to promote ourselves?

wow, reviewing this post i realize that it's probably the worst post ive ever made. i miss my shift finger.

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don't think that i'm trying to snub you guys or anything, but i'm not giving my digg cos i want my diggs to bring stuff to the front page as quick as possible

although, seriously, it's not like you can't guess it in like 3 seconds if you really wanted to

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