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What FTP client do you use?

Darren Kitchen

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Ok I've been using SmartFTP for a while and think it's the best, but it's trial version is far from expired and I've got a little sticker shock after looking at the $30 price tag. The drag and drop feature is what sold initially but there has to be a less expensive (or hopefully free) alternative.

I've used filezilla and ws_ftp and neither are to my liking. no offence filezilla, I <3 OSS but unless you've got drag and drop these days it's just not doing it for me.

So wonderful Hak5 community, what do you use when it comes to the all important task of wizzing files around der interweb over FTP?



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hey some how i think i got a version of smartftp that you don't have to pay for. i can upload the installer for you to oine of my servers and let you download it???? ya it is free. I got it with 10gb.org they sent me an email with the link so if you want the installer ill send it to you!

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