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  1. Suddenly I don't think I'm going to miss the Internet all that much.
  2. I'm heading overseas soon for a lengthy stay (12+ months) with very limited Internet access. What connectivity I might have will be filtered heavily. I'll be taking my Dell D810 loaded with Gentoo Linux, and an external 1TB (2x500GB) hard disk filled with movies, music, etc. Of course, there's still plenty of room to add more data. A new 4GB thumbdrive will also be accompanying me on this trip. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of what else I should take, in terms of both equipment and data. Hardware isn't a big deal, since I'll be able to order anything I need online from Newegg or wherever. What would you take with you if you knew you wouldn't have Internet access for a year? What would might good to have setup on a dedicated server before you leave?
  3. /me awaits the torrent of answers to such a blatant call for sarcasm
  4. l0gic


    I first learned about VxWorks when I received training on NET's Promina multiplexers. Since then the only notable thing I can recall about VxWorks is Linksys switching to it from Linux on its ever-so-popular WRT54G model SOHO routers.
  5. l0gic

    star wars

    [ ] Mace Windu [ ] Obi-Wan Kenobi [X] Jack Bauer
  6. It is inevitable that each of us so consumed with technology will at some point become overwhelmed. In these instances we must take a moment to reflect on what originally inspired our passion. Firm grasp of the motivation which drives oneself is vital in sustaining our own interest. Perhaps it's not the particular technologies which excite us most, but rather their application as a whole. Given that technology progresses at an exponential rate, it is a near assurance that we should never exhaust our sources of inspiration. The key to preserving our excitement with the digital world around us is to never lose that sense of wonder and challenge which motivates every hacker; not in a technology itself, but rather in how it can be applied, manipulated, outsmarted, or improved. In other words, trust your technolust.
  7. l0gic

    Hiding IP

    The most efficient (read: cheapest) way to do this is hide the server behind a NAT router (any SOHO router should work just fine) and forward only the ports you want to be accessible publically.
  8. l0gic

    Web Host

    l0gic.net has been on http://fuitadnet.com for some time now. I've had very few problems with them, and what issues I did encounter were menial and quickly remedied by one of their techs in their 24/7 IRC channel (very convenient). Apparently they now even offer VPS, a good stepping stone between shared hosting and dedicated.
  9. Maybe Hak5 should consider a new provider... *cough*
  10. Anyone else have problems getting on irc.hak5.org? Resolves to for me, connection times out.
  11. l0gic

    Server Blocked?

    What, specifically, doesn't work? Does DNS (if used) fail to resolve? Is the connection to your server timing out, or is it being refused? Fire up a sniffer if you're not sure. Also, does your school enforce the use of a proxy to reach the outside world?
  12. l0gic

    shell script

    Aye, public key authentication kicks ass. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it it's extremely simple and convenient.
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