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Limewire Got The Boot!

The Sorrow

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Yep in deed, just like Kazaa, Murpheus they were all canned by the authorities now Limewire.

I couldn't believe at first but then when I visited their website, there was that legal notice on the site.

OH Well, I am using torrents now.

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Yeah you still get viruses from torrents as well, sometimes when I download files from torrents my AV flags a virus, I guess it really depends what you download.

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Ironic thing is, because money is involved these sites get shut down. Yet the other day, on Radio 4 in England, I was listening to Any Questions. A politician on there speaking about an Islamic extremist website based in the US "...I'd be very reluctant to go down a route that sees us banning websites and taking them offline."

So you don't mind terrorist sites staying up. But "OH NOW, NAUGHTY BAD P2P. WE MUST SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!. And not because Hollywood or the music industry is giving me a big cheque to try and do so".

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