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  1. "Deflowered". ooerr :)
  2. Well it's arrived from that site and working nicely. Also didn't need any converter like the other big omi-direction tube one I've got. Thanks for the help and suggestion :)
  3. Cool. Might give them a try. Have you used them before? I normally only like using sites I trust but they appear to have a paypal option so should be safer.
  4. Would the 3db extra make a difference? Can't seem to find that based in the UK. I'd rather get one from the UK than shipped from the US.
  5. Just wondering if this would be any good for my Alfa Awus036h? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Solwise-2-4GHz-15db-Yagi-Antenna/dp/B001LDZLMW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335922575&sr=8-1 I have a long pole omi antenna but signal isn't that great (guess probably would be if I bothered to put it on the roof). But just wondered if this Yagi would be good. I assume I'd also need this? TP-Link TL-ANT24PT Pigtail Cable 2.4GHz 50cm Cable length http://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-TL-ANT24PT-Pigtail-2-4GHz-length/dp/B001PS4KAW/ref=pd_bxgy_ce_img_c
  6. Old thread but still. R-Studio is what I used. Saved me big time when my NAS drive decided to wipe both drives.
  7. I think the point is, most of the stuff Apple release, he NEVER invented. Steve Wozniak made the first Apple computers, Steve Jobs was just the marketing man that saw something he could market and make money off. In the early days he ripped Steve Wozniak off in a business deal. Agreed to give Steve W half of the contract, which was about $5000 in the end. Steve W got about $250, because Steve Jobs said the deal came to $500, so lied to his mate. Never like him when he was alive, so not going to suddenly respect him now he's dead. I wonder if the same praise will be given to Steve Wozniak when he dies. I bet not, despite him being a better and nicer person.
  8. Not an exciting or funny story at all but thought it a bit interesting, maybe cause I knew to security :) Was on Game's wifi the other day (store in UK) because it was open and free. Then decided to pop onto the router page to see if they'd secured stuff properly. Was nice to see DD-WRT was on the router. Cool. So looks like someone in that store knows what they are doing. Or do some routers come with DD-WRT now?
  9. joeypesci


    I have recently purchased BackTrack 4: Assuring Security by Penetration Testing by Shakeel Ali and Tedi Hariyanto looks like a good read and good way to learn BackTrack. Also have BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide by Vivek Ramachandran of Security Tube. And that looks just as good and simple to follow. The 2nd book isn't really for learning BackTrack but it's helping me out with a few things in BackTrack so it's a bonus. And I like Security Tube so good way to support Vivek.
  10. Was never a fan of the man and here's a balanced article on why http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/technology-obituaries/8810037/Steve-Jobs-obituary.html#disqus_thread Only good thing to come out of Apple is Steve Wozniak. He seems genuinely nice.
  11. I might of mentioned a while back about getting ripped off or an attempted rip off (I got my money back via PayPal) on Ebay with a Nokia E71. But I recovered data on it and was able to recover images and 3 phone numbers. But just brought a N900 and haven't been ripped off. Was a decent guy it seems but, it's in my nature, I WILL try and recovery every time. I've found his porn clip collection :) nice. I haven't warned him about that, I don't want to embarrass but told him if he sells any more phones he needs to secure wipe them. As he sent it to and had forgotten to remove all his contacts, phone numbers and e-mail address'. I've told him it's fine, they're safe as I'll secure delete it. So have you found anything interesting when doing data recovery?
  12. joeypesci

    Wpa Handshake

    ? more info would be helpful.
  13. So been using the Alfa for some time just fine. Messing about changing the MAC to something easier to type. In Windows I used/use MacMakeUp to change the MAC. Has been fine and the MAC stuck to what I changed it to, even after reboots etc. But yesterday I reset trying to change it to something else. But it just won't seem to stick. The new Powershell script version of MacMakeUp says it's changed the MAC but it tells me Windows still thinks it's the original MAC. I try in XP, same issue. I try in Backtrack 5 and MAC seems to change and BT see it as the changed MAC. But Windows seems to refuse to see the change. Anyone else run into this issue with the Alfa before?
  14. I shouldn't of come into this thread. I've now just paid £150 for a second hand Nokia N900 :) sadly, the main selling point was it can do RDP or VNC :)
  15. Sounds like the convector I posted images of in that other thread. Crazy thing is, I brought the long tube aerial in the other thread but now can't remember what online store that was from.
  16. Saw that but am always getting confused with the connectors so still not sure which adapter it needs.
  17. Looking at this Yagi http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001LDZLMW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=AAD303OM1SQ0C Will this connect to the Alfa, I can't tell from the picture of the connector?
  18. And to think Hak5 constantly advertised GoDaddy because they were their sponsor. Give http://ariotek.co.uk/ a try. I use them, have for years. They are a small outfit based in Scotland and because they are small the customer service is 110% Ask on their forum on the pre-sales section if they support Ruby. They appear to have Ruby Gems, is that related?
  19. The one off ebay looks a bit suspesious but the long tube one from Amazon is fine. I have one, slightly different version but when it arrived I realised it needed an adapter. This Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us But works fine with the adapter and Alfa.
  20. Experience is still miles better than certificates. Certificates teach you how things should be and how they should be setup, but most company networks are a bit of a mess when you join, if they are large anyway. Try getting a work placement during college in a company in the Networking department. Or even volunteer for the networking department at college/uni. I've learnt most of my IT on the job. Learnt more on the job than ever did at college.
  21. We use to have the "Break in Wars" at work. When bored, we'd try and break into each others machine, but the rule was you weren't allowed to do anything in AD, as that was to easy and ruined the fun. My colleague managed to get onto mine and changed a local group policy so no one but the local admin could shut down the machine. All users could only log off :)
  22. Got a 02 Wireless Box II that a friend no longer wanted, to mess about with. Stuck it on my network and am trying to get dumpinfo.py to work. But never used Python before and haven't a clue what I'm doing with it. http://www.ziva-vatra.com/index.php?aid=37&id=U29mdHdhcmU= The script it suppose to display the serial number of the router. I'm wondering if the script no longer works as O2 may have done a firmware fix. I've got python 2.7 installed and tried to run the script from it's commandline but nothing. Appears to do nothing. Any ideas?
  23. The National Lottery have ignored me totally this time. Went on WilliamHill the other day, that's just as bad. It's shocking that all these places that deal with money are using piss poor password policies. Yet, the hosting company that host my site Ariotek (based in Scotland) use HTTPS for their whole site on everything, even their forum and they seem more secure than some of these financial institutes.
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROGjDcUdsLg Me WEP cracking my own test router. Injection included.
  25. My thought was could you not do the following: Having messed about with GPU HASH cracking I'm amazed how quick it is. So wouldn't it be possible to do a man in the middle attack on a WIFI network, get the login for this site and does sslstrip give you the HASH? If that is just a HASH and they haven't bothered to salt it, surely with GPU HASH cracking, left with a PC running all the time, isn't going to take it not to crack that HASH and password. As limiting it to 8 characters would make it easier. As there are going to be people out there that will make their 8 char combo easy to remember. I could be wrong.
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