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  1. Thanks but i made it my self. On that same usb i had chrome os from those hexxeh builds. and i formated the drive with partition wizard and nothing. when i formated the USB with my ubuntu 10.10 live cd everything worked normally!
  2. I have problems. I've tried unetbootin and yumi and i can't boot my USB. Both of them say that there is no error and when i try to boot the PC says: No operating system and continues with booting the HDD. I had KATANA working on the same USB. I was working with unetbootin before and with yumi. Everything was fine. But was... And i've tried both NTFS and FAT32 and on one of them yumi says that it won't be bootable.
  3. I knew it but from where can i buy such a battery??
  4. Before a lot of time i saw videos how the nokia n900 can work with a ton of usb things by just using a female-female usb and the usb cable for connecting with the pc. I tried to do the same thing with a normal smartphone(htc wildfire s) but had no result. And i think i have a solution but i need to know if everything will be alright. So here is the solution: On the pic i have a 9V battery, a usb extender and a female-female usb attached on the male usb of the extender. The idea is to cut the cable and use the battery for giving power to the female usbs. And then connect the data cables as they should be. In the past i saw a video where somebody cut a usb extender and showed of that there were 4 wires - 2 for data and 2 for power(+ and -, like in every circuit) So i will connect the wires for the power as they should be. And here are the questions about everything 1.Is the n900 trick fail because the htc doesn't give power to the device? 2.Will this solution work? 3.How much volts must be the battery? I'm sure it's not 9.
  5. How can I make that every single host will redirect to And if it's impossible tell me how to do it on windows mobile
  6. waazaa

    Some Questions

    Dude I know the thing is i wanna make sth better than that which is based upon feedback
  7. 1. How to make my own linux distribution based on ubuntu like backtrack? 2. How to make a .deb package for a program? 3. Any hacking resources for whatever type of hacking? 4. And also I'm going to make a project which is basically things which you carry with you everyday everywhere for hacking all sorts of things and I was wondering for a name and i thought why not Your Arsenal on yourarsenal.net and it's based on your feedback and that's why yourarsenal if you have any suggestions give them to me and also search for a free .net or .com domain
  8. I wanna make a multiboot USB which has bartPE and some linux distros. How??
  9. waazaa

    U3 Drives

    Can you give me some u3 drives which i can buy I was searching around and i saw that the u3 drives by sandisk are stopped at october 2009 any new ones??
  10. It's a firmware 2.10 and also Bx that's what http://dlinkrouter says I don't care of the type of wrt(don't care if it is openwrt or ddwrt)
  11. Ok so i found this: http://wiki.villagetelco.org/index.php?title=Interesting_Atheros_SoC_based_low-cost_device_with_4_port_switch on which you flash the dlink dir 300 i have several questions Will this work? Will it have enough memory so i could do the auto rickrolling? And for ssh what credentials i need to use? And how can i battery charge it??
  12. What is the cheapest router that can have OpenWRT because I wanna make the auto-rickrolling? Can you also give mi explanation how can i hack it?
  13. OK so people can make for instance a laptop = router connect to the internet by using a cable connected to the router and then use the wireless adapter so you could make it right, so why not having that router(laptop) have the jasegar's Karma so that our laptop will do the job. For instance i am at work and leave my laptop runing karma and have a connection with an ethernet and when i get back or even at work (with logmein.com) i could see the packets going through. And also i could(somehow) think of a way so i could make all the pages rickrolled right?
  14. Well basically I wanna do everything. And I'm living in Bulgaria so and don't care about plans because here you buy an unlocked phone without or with a plan and my choice is without. Thanks for giving me an idea of how to get some money. I said no problems with unlockings i have a friend which will unlock every phone for half the price if needed but I'm sure I will find the process on the net if needed. The note you gave me for the n810 is absolutely possible for the n900. And i thought why not the n900 it can do whatever i want(have android, run webOS programs and etc..) There is no way for me to ship a zipit z2 to bulgaria i also wanted to make my self a pineapple but ebay doesn't have it and amazon doesn't ship to here and i would rather save the money for a n900 Defenetly not
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