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  1. Donate it, write it off on your taxes
  2. That's way too high, but it depends a lot on where you live (and experience level). Network Admins that I've known typically make 30-50k / year for a network as small as 100 computers. Network Admins at very large corporations (like Coca-Cola or something) can make more, in the 50-80k range, but you need experience, and you're dealing with a much more sophisticated infrastructure. It's very easy to outsource a lot of administrative functions these days, so keep that in mind when searching for a job and negotiating salary.
  3. I'm going to have to go with Netweaver Development Studio...
  4. iPhone and Droid phones are for noobs. Blackberry is where it's at. Preferrably one of the old HUUUUGE ones. And get a belt strap too, so you look like a tool.
  5. The C Programming Language http://www.amazon.com/Programming-Language...n/dp/0131103628
  6. Honestly, I think that a traditional education is going to provide the most value. Studying something like computer science is probably the best way to go because it opens more doors and give your the skills that you truly need to understand how computers work on a fundamental level, which of course is necessary if you want to do any sort of reverse engineering or bug hunting. Certs are worthless. That being said, I dropped out of school, so my advice is pretty useless.
  7. The US is too big to see it all and enjoy it in a small amount of time. If you're going to be on the east coast you gotta hit up NYC, Philly, and D.C. On the west coast San Francisco / Silicon Valley, L.A., Las Vegas. If you get a chance to explore I'd recommend New Orleans and Austin. I make a point of going to Miami every year at least once, it's very difficult to have a bad time there.
  8. I think it depends on the size of the company. For smaller to mid-sized companies it's more economical to hire internally. But these days all the large companies are outsourcing the IT department. Even if the service isn't as good, it makes sense economically, and they have someone to point the finger at
  9. Moved to ATL a month or two back, anyone in the area?
  10. I got you all beat! You love it don't you
  11. Hey guys! I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself! I am copy / paste the format everyone else has used and changing it to my info:: My name is Harrison aka Harrison Favourite game: Starcraft (teh original, fuck brood wars) Favourite OS: HP-UX Favourite console: Wii Nationality: US Accent: None Sex: Male Age: 21 Race: White American Height: 6"1' Status: Dating someone Build: Feeble and meak Favourite band: King Crimson Favourite book: Breakfast of Champions Favourite author: Kurt Vonnegut Favourite movie: Miami Vice Favourite director: Michael Mann Favourite TV Show: Arrested Development (although I don't actually have cable TV, just watched my friend's DVDs) Favourite actor: Christian Bale? I dunno, don't really have one Car[/b]: 1984 Isuzu Picjup truck, 1985 VW Jetta, 1984 Volvo StationWagon
  12. You guys are a bunch of nancies. The reason geeks don't get girls is because they don't go talk to them.
  13. harrison


    I'm American, don't own a gun, but I have fired guns before. It's pretty fun, however I do believe that better gun control in the U.S. may cut down on crime. However, I really agree with Chris Rock's stand, which is better bullet control. Why not make every bullet $5,000, then you wouldn't have any innocent bystanders, hahaha. People would think real long and hard before firing a bullet.
  14. This is halarious. However, I am a firm believer of using the correct tool for the job. You can't use LISP and ASM for everything, heh. But it's certainly true that LISP coders are rather pompous. Of course, I'm a C nut, and I have (from time to time) talked shit on C++ among other languages, haha so I can't really talk.
  15. Hell yeah, AMD sponsors Ferrari.
  16. Visual C++ has a lot of extra functons and libraries that Microsoft included so that you can really easily incorporate M$ stuff into your code. For example, the ability to make a nice looking M$ gui really easily, and utilize some of the features of Windows. That's the main difference between Visual C++ and the original concept of C++. Visual Studio .NET has a lot of different stuff. I can't really begin to explain everything, but it's basically a huge framework for developing applications. So it's very far from simply your programming language. In fact, you can spend more time learning Visual Studio than you spend learning the programming language, because there are so many features. As for C#, it basically is Java. I had never coded a lick of Java in my life, but I had to learn C# for a project at work, and after finishing that up I ran into some Java code, and without doing any googling I was able to read, edit, and write my own Java code because it was so incredibly similar to C#.
  17. I think I actually was drunk. In fact, in most Hak.5 settings I am drunk, which may explain the "permadrunk".
  18. Yah, this came out many years ago, I'm pretty sure it was widely recognized as a gag joke.
  19. Theres a recent one of me outside Darren's place. Me being in the center.
  20. Having a girlfriend that speaks Mandarin is a reason to learn Chinese. Makes it easier too.
  21. Cain will sniff anything that uses SIP standards. Which should cover pretty much all VOIP programs out there except Skype, because Skype uses it's own proprietary protocol. But that was reversed recently, so it should be too long before that can be intercepted as well. I would take a look at Zfone tho if you are worried about your VoIP security :) Regarding the xbox question, it depends on how Xbox live transfers data. If they use standard protocols for voice communication then Cain should be able to pick it up just fine. Unfortunately doing a man in the middle attack on Xbox live would be rather difficult at first because the user would probably be able to immediately notice the terrible lag in the connection before you were able to start forwarding packets appropriately. Definitely an interesting question though. I would love to see someone try this out and write up a summary of the attack and the results. Again, I'm not sure how Microsoft set up the Xbox live network, and what sort of protocols it's using. Some simple tcpdumping should find this out though....unfortunately I don't have an xbox live account anymore.
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