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Hi there,

as I use my netbook a lot when outside the house I sometimes find interesting downloads from my netbook but the file might be too big and would prefer to have it on the desktop pc.

Is there a way to remotely start a download on my desktop pc without using remote desktop just by sending the link or sth like that?

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Agreed SSH and WGET would be an easy way. Not sure about a script running that checks email even thou that is an awesome idea and would be a killer way to do it. That would be worth looking into.

I've seen the email idea in other places for controlling a PC via mobile/cell phone to email. The computer would check the email and run a script depending on the message.

Although I am pretty sure you can find a good SSH server for Win* OS. And I think there was a port even for wget. If not Cygwin.




Also SSH isn't the only option. CryptCat, Netcat, (insert other variants of *cat here)...

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Although SSH and wget maybe a little more easier. It would be a lot more fun and, hacker like, to write a script/program that checks an email for URL's.

Also, you could get fancy with it. For instance you could have your main-pc take all the links \, that have files bigger then 2gb, and wait to start downloading till you go to work. Then keep a log of all the files you've downloaded for later reference.

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Well yes ssh and wget are one solution, but again not so straight forward as sending an email, as every time I find a link I am interested in will have to open putty, connect to home pc (wait a few decades for the connection to be established) and then wget the file...

Somehow sending an email to a mail server/processor would be much easier I think.

I was thinking of something similar to gmail where if you send john@gmail.com and john+downloadmail@gmail.com go to the same account, but the second on has processing information in the from Field (subject could work to, but nicer that way)

I think I will try to play around with postfix a bit...maybe I can find something only trouble is that I run linux in Vbox on my second screen hosted by windows, so will have to make sure it's always up and running.

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If your downloading large files from torrent sites, I have utorrent and drop box set up so that if i download the torrent file to my dropbox on my netbook it will get synced back to my other pc, utorrent sees it and starts downloading it automatically. I think i've seen a program that works on the same idea. If you drop a txt file into dropbox with a list of urls to download listed in it, you can get a program that will start downloading them by itself. Hope that helps...

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You could use HFS http to share files. it works the same way as a web server, it does not require installation.

and the cool thing i like about this program, is that to share any file all you have to do drag and drop.

And to download the file, simply type the ip address of the machine where HFD is running on any web browser.

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