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  1. Although SSH and wget maybe a little more easier. It would be a lot more fun and, hacker like, to write a script/program that checks an email for URL's. Also, you could get fancy with it. For instance you could have your main-pc take all the links \, that have files bigger then 2gb, and wait to start downloading till you go to work. Then keep a log of all the files you've downloaded for later reference.
  2. I want to get more into hacking but i'm not sure what to read/do/mess around with. Currently the extent of my capabilities would be some MITM, and breaking WEP ( nothing amazing ). I don't know where to go next, maybe reverse engineering some software, or breaking into Windows box's. Any Tutorials or points in the right direction would be nice, thanks.
  3. Yeah it's .NET i found what i was looking for, thank you for the tip. I'll post a link in case someone else needs it. http://www.logiclabz.com/c/ftp-file-upload...t-in-net-c.aspx
  4. I have a program that saves every time the text is changed(Code Below) It currently saves to a local .txt file. I need it to save to a remote location (e.x. http://hawksprite.com/files/yourname/stuff.txt) But am not sure how to do it. Is there a ftp function that i can use? Much help needed, thanks. private void text_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { System.IO.StreamReader myFile2 = new System.IO.StreamReader("settin/fl.txt"); string stati = myFile2.ReadToEnd(); myFile2.Close(); if (stati == "true") stat.Text = "Fluid Save Is On."; else stat.Text = "Fluid Save Is Off."; System.IO.StreamReader myFile = new System.IO.StreamReader("settin/fl.txt"); string fls = myFile.ReadToEnd(); myFile.Close(); if (fls == "true") { save.Text = "saving...."; using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter("settin/ftext.txt")) { // Add the document text to the file. sw.Write(text.Text); } save.Text = "Done"; } else { }; }
  5. Theres only one router. I have one other solution i could use to fix the problem but involves my ipod touch. Do you know of a way i can use my ipods touch WIFI on my laptop. I would need to connect the ipod touch to the internet then have my laptop use that internet without my laptop connecting to the router. Does anyone no how to do this?
  6. I have a question. Is there anyway to hide a computer from a router (etc. looking at a routers web interface to see what computers are online) or just hide your online status but still connect to the internet? I have a vista laptop and would like to use the internet without it showing up as me connected to the internet in the routers web interface. By the way i am on a vista laptop. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. But how do you get to those public documents on another computer?
  8. I'm working on a myspace bot that posts around 50-100 comments on someones profile (i don't use myspace i actually hate it, my friend is paying me for the bot). I am writing the hole thing in Visual c# and i can't figure out how to get a string to put it's self in a form on a website and then submit the form. Much help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Oops posted in the wrong place so i moved the topic sorry for this.
  10. I'm having a problem on the same topic so instead of making a new thread im just gonna ask it here. I am setting up a home network with vista. And i would like to know how to get to the files on other computers in my house from my laptop, everything is on the same router but my laptop is the only thing that is wireless. I just need to get to the files on them from my laptop without plugging anything in. Much help would be appreciated thanks.
  11. I'm pretty sure thats not what they meant. I think they mean to get the live cd and boot of it so you DO have admin privlages on that computer.
  12. If that is the case can someone please lock this thread?
  13. Complete agreement it would be very easy to do this and allmost impossible to block (unless he chagned the boot bios and put a password on it) then your gonna need a screwdriver and some duck tape.
  14. Lovin the idea can't wait to see the pictures of the build and/or finshed product. Hopefully it will be as fun as we hope! If you need any help witht he code P.M. me and i will try to help. Peace.
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