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  1. Well yes ssh and wget are one solution, but again not so straight forward as sending an email, as every time I find a link I am interested in will have to open putty, connect to home pc (wait a few decades for the connection to be established) and then wget the file... Somehow sending an email to a mail server/processor would be much easier I think. I was thinking of something similar to gmail where if you send john@gmail.com and john+downloadmail@gmail.com go to the same account, but the second on has processing information in the from Field (subject could work to, but nicer that way) I think I will try to play around with postfix a bit...maybe I can find something only trouble is that I run linux in Vbox on my second screen hosted by windows, so will have to make sure it's always up and running.
  2. Hi there, as I use my netbook a lot when outside the house I sometimes find interesting downloads from my netbook but the file might be too big and would prefer to have it on the desktop pc. Is there a way to remotely start a download on my desktop pc without using remote desktop just by sending the link or sth like that?
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