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  1. Little button on the bottom FTW! I'm in and damn that little thing is hard to see lol. Guess pushing it aside for a few and looking back works. Now time to figure out what the hell I did..
  2. Yup let her run for about 15 minutes attached to wireshark waiting on anything to come back. I've only gotten or show up on a packet capture that's "every time" it's booted then drop's to the IP I assigned. It sit's solid with Power and Internet on the lights now but if I attempt telnet/ssh/ping I get two different results. I get if it's the predefined telnet/ssh/ping it will flicker on Internet then drop back to rebooting every 5 times or so. It seems to of stopped doing it today... Let it sit over night and seems slightly more stable but still cant get in. If I attempt to connect on it's assigned IP it just sits with nothing happening anymore. Nice quick nmap scan across the range reveals nothing when it comes to packets being responded to. Only time I see it show up is when it first powers on and you see the MAC show up doing the broadcast asking about or if my laptop is assigned to Current setup.. FON"Ethernet" to Laptop "Ubuntu 11.04" to Wireless AP "Linksys with DD-WRT" to PFSense RC3 When it worked the FON I was able to on the device pull Ethernet traffic without a problem in the world issuing NC www.google.com GET/HTTP/1.0 pulled back information with google every so wonderful ability to see how you didn't get this page right... Seem I might of had a funky wifi driver on the FON when I got it. It was able to "view" traffic all the time but never able to send... Any ideas I don't have the hardware laying around to solder up a serial connection on the FON to attempt a repair and full reload at time time. And with DC19 and a nasty few tickets all in 2 months time I'm broke as hell lol. Thank you for any help and your niji skills that are far superior then mine.
  3. I know lol you and Diji are bad ass. I used your google doc as a reference point. But now I've run into another problem that trumps this one... It wont boot if I attempt SSH or Telnet it drops right back and reboots at least the lights say it that way.. Time for a little serial love guess starting fresh is the only way. At least I'll be able to get the full grasp of how it works. Never start with a pre loaded version makes trying to tie it all together harder then hell at least for me.
  4. Ok so I just got a nice little Jasager at DC19. I've been putting it off for well over 6 months now and have been playing with it quite a lot. I have a problem that is just so simple I have to be overlooking it. I have spent the last 2 days or about 10 hours with no luck forums, google, RTFM, and a little trial and error. I'm down to a point where I'm thinking of just flashing it and seeing if that helps but would rather try and fix it before just going the easy route. When I ssh into the fon and do a ping to www.google.com I get responses. When I do netcat (nc) www.google.com GET/HTTP/1.0 I get a response. When I'm looking at the Karma page "awesome app" I see everything I should minus IP address being it's not releasing them at all when you connect. Here's the basic config's... Anyone see what I missed? /etc/config/wireless config 'wifi-device' 'wifi0' option 'type' 'atheros' option 'country' '0' option 'channel' '0' option 'maxassoc' '' option 'distance' '' option 'disabled' '0' option 'antenna' '' option 'hwmode' '11bg' option 'txantenna' '0' option 'diversity' '0' option 'rxantenna' '0' config 'wifi-iface' option 'device' 'wifi0' option 'mode' 'ap' option 'network' 'none' option 'bssid' '' option 'server' '' option 'port' '' option 'isolate' '0' option 'bgscan' '0' option 'frag' '' option 'rts' '' option 'wds' '0' option 'key' '' option '80211h' '' option 'compression' '' option 'bursting' '' option 'ff' '' option 'wmm' '' option 'xr' '' option 'ar' '' option 'turbo' '' option 'macpolicy' 'none' option 'maclist' '' option 'ssid' 'Openwrt' option 'encryption' 'none' option 'hidden' '0' option 'key1' '' option 'key2' '' option 'key3' '' option 'key4' '' /etc/config/network "Was set by DHCP first from Ubuntu 11.04 config 'interface' 'loopback' option 'ifname' 'lo' option 'proto' 'static' option 'ipaddr' '' option 'netmask' '' config 'interface' 'lan' option 'ifname' 'eth0' option 'type' 'bridge' option 'netmask' '' option 'macaddr' '' option 'ip6addr' '' option 'ip6gw' '' option 'proto' 'static' option 'ipaddr' '' option 'gateway' '' option 'dns' '' config 'dnsmasq' option 'domainneeded' '1' option 'boguspriv' '0' option 'filterwin2k' '0' option 'localise_queries' '0' option 'expandhosts' '1' option 'nonegcache' '0' option 'readethers' '1' option 'leasefile' '/tmp/dhcp.leases' option 'resolvfile' '/tmp/resolv.conf.auto' option 'authoritative' '1' option 'domain' '' option 'local' '/lan/' config 'dhcp' 'lan' option 'interface' 'lan' option 'leasetime' '720m' option 'start' '100' option 'limit' '150' option 'ignore' '0' list 'dhcp_option' '3,' list 'dhcp_option' '6,' config 'dhcp' 'wan' option 'interface' 'wan' option 'leasetime' '' option 'start' '' option 'limit' '' option 'ignore' '1' I've smacked my head to many times to catch on and I'm really not wanting to flash it tonight..
  5. No. BIOS wont let the single CPU take both banks. There's no way around it. It's rare to find a duel socket mobo that will allow you to do it.
  6. Agreed. A jailbroken apple device gives you far more control. But I'll have to agree with "Privacy is Dead".. Hate to freak you out but it's true the 911 services can find where you are by phone as well and there no way to turn it off. It's always on. I know Verizon dose the same thing as I have the HTC Thunderbolt "Amazing phone except Bluetooth sucks so dose the network" I was trying to get a replacement for my first one the Tier3 guy asked what I was doing at an cretin area in the city and if I was having problems. Turns out that area was bad and I had to toss the red flag in and ask why he knew the almost exact location I was at. "Mock locations only seem to work for on device not network based - someone please correct me if I'm wrong only guessing" Read the fine print on the contracts you sign it's amazing how many right's you forfeit and you pay each month for it..
  7. Update... VMware View 4.6 on a full 4.1 environment will do the job of CAD with a twist! Doing a Full VM install AKA Windows x.x.x with all applications install will be rather slow. To a point it's next to useless. On the other hand you can pull a rather nifty trick to save some IOP's on your SAN by getting your application as a ThinApp much like Citrix dose for there remote applications. While I can't give you a write up on how to do each application I can give a generic overview on some benefits. Currently in the process of getting a few medical driven apps moved over "NOT EASY". Lost of legacy code from years of horrible programming. The applications recommended to be run on a decent CPU any duel core will do just fine. 4GB or RAM per workstations "3.25GB". While it doesn't seem like much as it's the standard now on just about everything you buy. It can be rather difficult and cost adds up when you are forced to replace machines. I have moved to a VM WinXP or Win7. 1 CPU with 768MB RAM. With 7 AERO is able to run very smooth with those specs on the same hardware I've had before which is now 2 years old. Normally the app took about 40 seconds to load on a decent desktop which is now down to 15 and very little lag within the app. Start with a fresh VM. Patched to the lowest level you will be running the app on. Install thinapp packager. Clear all windows temp yours and machines. Take snapshot. Run the thinapp manager to get the prescan done. Install app. Postscan for the goods. Tinker with package that is created to your hearts content and learn how to use links! Build the app. Copy the bin folder to another location prefer a high quality storage. Point workstation and the exe and have fun. When it's done right you will see the application is your central update point for all VM's and Workstations. I haven't found anything yet that has stalled out on 4.6.x where 4.0 was a dog slow. Hope anyone enjoys as it was a blast getting a few different things running under this set up. If you happen to know of any free applications that do the same please share I would love to set up something along this line for home use. No more patching 20 machines at different locations.
  8. Unity aside 11.04 is rock solid! Well for Ubuntu. Very minor bugs that you can work around with ease. Video encoding smokes Win7 ;)
  9. Sully213 PFSense will take that load without a care in the world. With the pipe your saying move the state tables up some or you'll start dropping the clients. Of course if the bandwidth is there it will get used. My only concern is the upstream should be higher if you want a little kick in the pants. If Comcast offers a 70/30 line "fiber" that would be awesome :) Move your states up to 200000 if your around 4GB ram and a Quad core and that will be way overkill. As will all DNS related request have 1 Physical Box and a VM box. NEVER EVER EVER run DNS just in a virtual environment as if it crashes it's a nightmare to recover sometimes unless you have host files on each virtual server host "MANDATORY!!!" If your concerned about DNS look back in late season 7 or early 8 for DNS hacking and brute forcing. Can't recall episode but it will give you an idea. to be honest I wouldn't worry to much if your freaking out slip the load between 2 PFSense boxes in a WAN balancing config and your fine. Solorwinds might make a DNS stress test. I know they do auditing and it work's pretty good :)
  10. HDD's = Fast recovery Tapes = Long Life and easy to get off site. I do both I cant standing waiting on the tapes to mount. Currently using HP LTO4's 48 in one unit and 24 in another along with 8mm Sun for another system. They make for a good year end as moving an entire array of disk would be a pain and lets say your company has a requirement that you need to keep them for X number of years disk is hard. Having disk in the same physical location is bad btw fire/water/ dude tripping over the power cord and all servers in the same spot well backup's don't help much when your hardware is gone. "Maybe not not so much the power cable that just happened to me the other day" As a maybe run VSS on your servers with a small disk backup on another that runs at night and a small LTO3/4 unit to get the media off site? A tad expensive but will allow for quick recovery and also gives you a annual media to fall back on in case of disaster to the building. Having all disk unless OFF SITE would be a pointless solution IMHO. Its mandatory for me to keep stuff for 6 years at the least. :)
  11. Well it can give you a couple hundred bucks towards an android tablet when they start coming out... Keep for now sell in a few months still for good money if not scratched :)
  12. Entity any luck finding a little product. Just a lessons learned on my part RTFM do not use vSphere 4.1 and VMware composer they don't work together as of yet.
  13. Agreed the one's you never hear about are the best ones. But all the little guys that download a movie now and then because there to busy/lazy to go out and rent one get nailed now... What happened to the good old days where you downloaded a movie if you like it you went and picked a copy up. Hell all the movies I own are onces that I downloaded. And yes I'll admit it :-) of course if your on the scale of WikiLeaks then well thats something that I know I'm going to get nailed for saying this but if you fire a general and then that happens maybe something is being down wrong?
  14. Basics well if your not careful that will be another wonderful thing to hang on your wall. I disagree with that link lol mainly because I overclock so it was a low blow :P http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1804 I have no idea if that is up to date but for 2 seconds on google it will work. Best thing keep it cool! If its on a stock cooler then your just a dumb cookie. I've have my q9550 in my desktop running overclocked and undervolted for as long as I've had it. I had an old K7 CPU that I had overclocked for 5+ years before I tossed it in the trash. Be careful use as LOW as voltage as you can to keep the heat done. Keep your system cool as well. I like to keep a general rule of thumb if the air is hot coming out case at idea shut it down and try again I dont care if it will last 5 hours on Prime95 its not worth the risk. If its causing you to open a window you dont have enough cooling to continue. All that of course is assuming your going for a stable overclock that will run without a problem. If your going balls out to see how high it will go well that's an expensive chip to start on even from ebay. Hope it works for you it might have already been pushed pretty hard.
  15. What would happen if you did plug a bunch of switches in and then maybe 5 or 6 on a team to your machine and let ion cannon go all out on broadcast? Syn flood from hell?
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