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  1. This does look like what i want thank you, I will try this out once i get back to the program. Its long winded but that looks exactly what im after. I will post again once i've done/wrote it. Cant believe that i cant find a backup of my program that i had done this in, when i was only just a begineer at vb.net .
  2. I've tried googling but can not think on how to describe it to get the results i want. My Program will be having a lot of variables in it (mostly Arrays) but i remember doing a look time ago being able to create my own sub that had variables in it. then i could just declare that one variable on the form for the array rather than like 10 variables with arrays. Dim Details(20) As MyOwnFunction inside MyOwnFunction Dim Name As String Dim Phone As String Dim Text As String And So On Then asking for it i can just do Details(1).Name = textbox1.text.toString Thats how i would want to do it but cant find the code for the first bit. I dont want to declare Dim Name(20) As String Dim Phone(20) As String And so on Hopefully this makes sense and you can understand what im trying to do, plus why i couldnt think how to ask this in to google. Please help me :)
  3. I have got this working on the HTC Hero running Villainrom - 2.2 It had trouble extracting but it managed to sort it self out. It doesn't grab all the traffic (even if set to one machine) but i think thats because of how slow the phone is. I do like it though and hope you do carry on with this and you never know it might get on the show (hope so)
  4. http://serverfault.com/questions/261849/unusual-traffic-to-my-webserver-asking-for-myinfo-any-request-allowed-com has an answer to it, but i would say the same thing it is just scanning your host. I've had a uni trying to get in on my FTP one time 100 requests a day (trying only 2 passes so not to ingauge the block) all i did on that was change the port and it never came back. They do say though it should give up and move on but its all down to the program of when.
  5. You could use clone zilla (its a bootable disk/usb) and its free. Clonezilla just remember to double check the new drive before formatting the old one.
  6. edit: Sorry about the picture above i didn't know it would be THAT BIG. Flickr links below one part Second part It was too small to get all the text in one picture.
  7. I've been to one of these and it was cool i would go again but its the money issue plus i went by myself (2 friends dropped out last minute)
  8. They were a limited time only 250 i beleive were made (i managed to get one :D ) but i'm sure if they brought them back they would sell.
  9. Thats it, it worked i wonder why it wanted that instead but thank you for helping me out i thought the query wasn't wrong (in away).
  10. I've tried it in phpmyadmin with dates and it brings up zero results so there is no errors its just odd, by the way the Start_date and End_date are set to Date do you think that could be a problem?
  11. Right i'm building a site that will have a deals page and in the table i have id, Title, Start_date, End_date,Important, Information, Full_information, Price, Image(<-- a link to where the picture is) well i need to make sure that the deals are only there between two dates so i did a query below and thought that looks like it works but nope and there is data in the table 1 One Deal 2011-02-01 2011-02-23 Just some info More info £20.50 .jpg SELECT id, Title, Start_date, End_date,Important, Information, Full_information, Price, Image FROM web_Deals WHERE Start_date &lt;= '.date("Y-m-d").' AND End_date &gt;= '.date("Y-m-d") I'm using php so thats where .date("Y-m-d") is coming from and yes the date on the server is correct. Hopefully its something simple if there isn't a way to do it this way but another way i will be happy to learn.
  12. I have now fixed this i found out after searching more (always find the answer after you start asking) i didn't have mount.cifs installed on the system so to fix that i did yum install samba-client then low and behold the command worked. now to start putting my music cd's on to it the lazy way.
  13. Right i've installed vortexbox on to a Xen Server which is also running Windows XP with multiple shares (Music, Video) the Vortexbox is an automatic music ripper/sharer. The problem that i am having is linking my windows share Music to the Vortexbox on autoboot (both OS have static IP's) i saw that entering this code in /etc/fstab // /storage/music cifs credentials=/etc/my_share.credentials,rw 0 0 on its own line should mount that at startup so when the machine is ripping cd's for the windows machine it will save it on there instead of its own. when i run the next line mount -a i get this whole error list CIFS VFS: No username specifed CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -22 mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //, missing codepahe or helper program, or other error (for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might need a /sbin/mount.&lt;type&gt; helper program) In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg ¦ tail or so but the file my_share.credentials contains the username and password like it should be placed username=USERNAME password=PASSWORD I'm at a loss here i've been searching vortexbox forums and thats where i got the code from and googling gave the same result. the mount can be done manually and it works but i like things on auto. (little info Vortexbox is based on Fedora 11)
  14. You can use this web interface www.rapidleech.com (look for the download in the forums as the link is broken) and then you just need to have a web server with php simple as that i use it when i can and have friends use it as it can upload it to ftp or send it by email after its done.
  15. i own scorpion54.co.uk - a few programs that i've built zombiepcs.co.uk - computer repair company for a salisbury,england area -hidden-- - a testing site plus my sql server and for a special program i built. (not on scorpion54)
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