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R.I.P. Systm.


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So Systm's finally dead, through a process of becoming ever more software-oriented it was dying at the roots and now it's gone. Not so bad in itself, perhaps, if it never had the time or money available to it to really keep it a strong hardware show, but the worst part is that it'll be turned into a short segment which will be a part of Tekzilla.

Kind of ironic, really:

"It's kind of fitting. Kevin Rose, Dan Huard and David Prager launched Systm because they were frustrated with the show they were currently working on. They wanted a place to go deep on tech without having to cram a six hour project into a 3 minute TV segment." -Patrick Norton

Sigh. Oh well, thanks for the older episodes, here's hoping this doesn't shit on the Systm name we all used to know and love.

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Yeah, I loved the older episodes, but it really lost it when they started doing it weekly. I will still miss it for the odd episode that was actually interesting. :( And now I guess I might have to start watching Tekzilla.

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Longer format how to shows = very good = high production costs in both filming and editing (relatively).

Shot format how to (or 'tip') shows = good (I suppose) = low production costs and even lower editing costs.

The only real way to lower productions costs is to be infected by the Blue Peter virus of "Here is one I prepared earlier", but that feels like cheating in some way.

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I love how people say that Hak5 sucks and The Broken was better,one there was only 4 ep's of The Broken, and Two Hak5 has covered everything The Broken has + more, And systm + Hak5 is The Broken, but with out Kevin and Dan.

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I'll admit that I loved the broken, but it was all for laughs anyway. I feel that Hak5 was probably ONE of the major reasons for Systm going downscale, because honestly, hak5 covers WAAAYYY more than Systm does, but not with the minor details, which is great to have, but also fun to just do yourself (because it is.... DIY?!)

I am just glad that Patrick still has a job.. ya know it's funny. I remember the first time I saw him was on The ScreenSavers, and I was pissed cause I did'nt want Kate Botello to leave the show. Lol, to think back.

I do think the whole HD show thing sounds good.. but how long will that last? I mean. There is only so much you can do on that, and only so much about it that people do NOT know. I wish they just had a consumer review show personally.

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Its probably a 5 min segment of something they'll throw in the next ep of Tekzilla I guess.

Edit: Nevermind, they announced it at the end of the last episode on unraid server. Why they titled thier sticky with 109 though there won't be one who knows. Well, we'll see everyone again soon on Tekzilla and the new show then.

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This could possibly have been one of those things where Jim grabbed Roger to the side and whispered in his ear, and then he wispered into Patrick's ear @ the last second.

I do wish they would have done at least one best-of ep.

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I agree the broken was shit. I could have been good, but wasn't. everytime fanbois gon how good it is I vomit onmyself and go to sleep.

Dude, you vomit on yourself and THEN go to sleep?

The rumours about you Rocky ppl are all true LOL!!!!


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Perhaps they'll replace it with another show where we can watch them set there and do nothing but drink beer and ramble on in their half intoxicated state.

Sounds like a awesome show ;)

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system lost it's stuff when they moved to boring stuff like battle bots and random software tutorials that they googled

for more of software stuff thats actually done right, stick with hak5 as even though hak5 is focusing a lot on software, there doing uncommon stuff (from the point of view from much of revision 3 )

systm did random tutorials and random basic apps and other than that, it was battlebot crap which while it does have a dedicated fan base, that fanbase is very small

moving it into tekzilla as a short segment will mean it will be more of what made systm fail

they chose to drop most of the hardware stuff for no reason

there were many low cost hardware related things they could have done, the forums and emails were brimming with that stuff.

theres no way to really do complex stuff with in a short segment

they also lost viewers due to the denial of service attacks they did on their own show.

wheres waldo... i mean wheres the episode

while they have changed the site a little, most of their cancellations and bringing shows back after being canceled, happened during the "best of" rush where they constantly flooded the site with spam


they will do much better if they get rid of the best of. the word best is relative to what each individual believes

some say windows is the best os, some say mac os is, and others say linux is.

best of should not be on their site. it is unprofessional and is spammy

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Actually I think the BattleBots/Robot Wars thing was one of the best episodes they ever did, it had zero overlap with Hak5 or Tekzilla, it was pure hardware (which is what I feel Systm was for), not covered elsewhere and something I believe is quite popular in the hardware crowd. It gave a great intro to building such a machine and was very interesting to someone who followed those shows but hadn't really seen a bot in person, or had no idea how to build one or what's required. It also had the added bonus of being out of the studio and it had someone experienced in that particular area which was nice, Systm occasionally had a habit of being a bit weak (or downright wrong) on the technical details. I'm tempted to keep writing here, I know there's more I want to say but I can't think straight right now, so I'll leave it there. To sum up though, I think that episode defined what I saw Systm as and I think it was a near-perfect episode.

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it was interesting but they constantly went back to things like that and basic software, not saying that it is not good, it is just that there was not enough variation, they didn't really listen to the community in which they has a lot of requests and posts about simple mods and builds that are low cost but still very useful

battle bots is kinda like a special episode that gives people a into into a expensive world where people spend $20,000 on something just to break it within a hour

I still watched all of the episodes, but the later ones didn't have as strong of an interest

i hate that they are moving it into a segment of another show. there is so much more they can do with the show

1 thing they can do is skip the 5 year long godaddy ad that you cant skip before you can watch a streaming episode, only to have them play another 5 year long godaddy ad in the middle of the episode

playing advertising the same product 2 times wont make me twice as likely to buy it. it will make me twice as likely to not watch the show at all

if they want to have a ad before a show then do it like how other sites do, they will have a 3-5 second ad that quickly shows a sponsor of the show, then any other ads during the show are completely different

anyway for systm, some of the stuff is cool but the main focus of many of the episodes should not be esoteric projects that may seem interesting but are too expensive to try

systm should not touch software unless it directly has something to do with the hardware they are working on for that episode

if they jump into basic software, then they are competing with other shows like tekzilla and in a battle like that, 1 show will fail

they should just take like a 1 month break, and make the show 2 or 1 episode per month

some shows do better as a monthly especially if they work on time consuming or complex projects. a week is not enough time especially when the people there have other jobs and a life, because of this, this will force the shows into going with the least time consuming projects and it generally turns out to be basic software app

while RC bots are cool, it is something that should only be mentioned once if they want to keep the show targeted at the largest portion of their viewerbase which means cool, low cost mods and other hardware related stuff

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Yeah I agree with all of what you said Razor.

I saw some great ideas in the forums for projects that they could of done, but never did. Revision 3 is going away from what the started as. Why did they even start doing it weekly. There was no need, of course people want more and they want it weekly, but for a show like Systm that's not practical. Hak5 seems to be keeping it mostly together and getting out some good ep's still.

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