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  1. Yes the Open-Mesh mini router works great. I have Jasager running on one. It's the same hardware that's in a Fon 2100.
  2. They should have stayed with an Ahteros chipset. I think they'd sell more units that way.
  3. The Open-Mesh mini router is the same as a Fon 2100. See this post: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=12833 digininja's instructions should work just fine.
  4. Ok, so maybe some broadcom chipsets do work with monitor mode and injection. Hmmmm, did not know that.
  5. Others can correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not into pentesting, but you might want to take into consideration the wireless chipset that these particular models have. I've read that Broadcom based wireless cards are not that friendly in relation to monitor mode and packet injection. However I think the Atheros chipset works much better. I had no problems with my old AAO 8.9" netbook which had an Atheros chipset. I believe Dell uses the broadcom chipset. Can anyone else confirm or deny this? Although I think the safe bet to get an Atheros chipset would be to go with the Acer, I have seen a 10.1 inch model of the AAO with a broadcom chipset. So, I would lean more towards the Acer. But, I just checked my girlfriend's Acer Aspire One D250 (10.1") and it has a broadcom wireless chipset.
  6. Is there a place here in the forums where it would be appropriate to post an item for sale? I'm trying to sell my Netbook and looking to get more coverage. I've already got it on Craigslist and ebay.
  7. Perhaps they'll replace it with another show where we can watch them set there and do nothing but drink beer and ramble on in their half intoxicated state.
  8. If I had to guess it's probably because people are anxious about telneting in and issuing commands and or setting up a tfpd server. Both of which are pretty easy.
  9. I do this every couple of years. I've been a long time Slackware user (since '97, I think version 3.3). When Slackware dropped Gnome I've been kinda evaluating different distros / Unix based OS's, although I'm still using it. Some of the OS's I've tried recently include: Ubuntu OpenSuse Zenwalk Slitaz Debris CrunchBang OpenSolaris On my list yet to try are: Arch Mint Vector Hell I may even revisit the BSD's
  10. If you are referring to a Fonera 2100 then checkout the Open-Mesh firmware over at Open-Mesh.com. Their Open-Mesh Mini Router is the same hardware as a Fonera 2100.
  11. so why the offset of -9 when I want the last 8 characters of the sequence in the file? I think it's because it counts the newline at the end of the seqeunce as well. consider the following when the sequence is assigned to a variable: #!/usr/bin/perl $dna = "tgatccatcc"; $chunk = substr($dna, -8, 8); print "$chunk\n"; This will return atccatcc
  12. Yes you can use substr. You just have to use a negative offset. I use it regularly for manipulating DNA sequences. Let's say I have a file that contains the following sequence: tcatccatcc to return the last 8 characters, which would be atccatcc, I use: perl -ne 'print substr($_, -9, 8), "\n"' dna Hope this helps.
  13. Am I correct in assuming that I should be using the openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs file when flashing using the Piranha procedure? Because the procedure found here is using the jffs2 filesystem image. Under what circumstances would I use the jffs2 image instead of the squashfs image? I see their sizes are quite different.
  14. Thank you for the info. This will definitely get me started. I hope you don't mind me asking a few more questions later on. I did notice that the build procedure you use produces two files: openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs and openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma which are used to flash the Fon. However I noticed on OpenWrt's site that to flash the WRT54G you only need a single bin file. Can you clarify the difference for me? Why hot have a single bin file to flash the Fon with? Is this something that's hardware dependent? Thanks again...!
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