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  1. i have that check but when i have "z" i get a "6" in the wireshark's input box and it sucks really bad, but when in mac OSX i can type fine
  2. if you compile from source most software will say that it can work with OSX so just read or google most linux software will work or you need to install dependencies
  3. I just download and installed it on my macbook and then i noticed that X11 is screwing up my keyboard map so has anyone solve this problem?
  4. really, i got a do a twitter search for it, but what i have used it for it works good, but i did have to change some of the code to get it to work correctly and to see the full result of it, then to have it piped to tor then it makes it work great greyhat use Robin anyway we could see this in the next release of jasager
  5. has anyone used http://ha.ckers.org/slowloris/ or checked out how is it is
  6. i would go and use a fake name and fake password just to F with them LOL :D
  7. i think i did install autopwn lol
  8. i am on AT&T and their is a very easy carrier hack that i used and i have full working tethering and MMS
  9. i did get metasploit on mac OSX i have it working on a mac OSX it should all work
  10. has anyone tried this yet with the cable into the fon with the iphone cable and internet tethering turned on since 3.0
  11. looks good i am going to install it
  12. also a good idea is to have a company or a site that people have an app (could be written in air) that scans for SSID and the encryption and if the encryption is WPA it takes that SSID and sends them to a site and then using a dictionary it creates WPA list to crack i think that is a cool idea
  13. do you know any apps to make a list based on SSID yea i know i just don't want download the 133gb table
  14. wait does this download torrents from sites first then host them i am confused
  15. think systm was good when kevin rose was doing it the older days and now it just plain sucks and now it is taking over my tekzillia come on rev3 just kill it already
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