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Good web hosting?


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Where can I find a good web host besides Apache. I would use Apache but I don't have a server to run it on because all I have is a laptop that is always moving from wifi to wifi and it won't workout with Apache

It won't work out with any software because:

all I have is a laptop that is always moving from wifi to wifi

GoDaddy could be a good starting point at least for prices

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Have been using Downthe.NET nearly two years now. Downthe.NET provides cheap hosting with good customer support. Downthe.NET is able to fix most issues with in 24 hrs. Downthe.NET offers better service then HostGator for less price.

I might even be able to get you 20% off...

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Media Temple or if you need to host a lot of sites... mosso. I am on mosso right now. Ive had some front page digg stuff and since both of these use grid servers it distributes the load and my sites havnt gone down.

Media temple dosnt do backups.. but you can make your own custom cron job to do that.

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Dreamhost is having some crazy sale, 4.44/month for 4 years: http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?371310

Get unlimited disk space and bandwidth on all plans!....

...two-year hosting plan using the promotional code "4444" and you'll get four years of hosting for just $4.44 per month

Just in case anyone was still looking for a decent host. Thats like $213 for 4 years of hosting. Expires today.

edit: Man, I sound like a sales guy... :(

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There have been some horror stories about and1 in the past. Never sued them though, so not sure how reliable they are: http://elliottback.com/wp/1and1-sucks/

Ha ha, when I bought my domain, I tried to figure out their website. I couldn't though. I went with godaddy instead for my domain. They kept trying to push hosting on me at every click. Didn't want it, already had it.

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I've hosted a fair number of low-traffic websites with ICDsoft, which runs shared hosting boxes at Savvis in Washington, DC, US. They have very responsive customer support, ready to go the extra mile to install oddball libraries or help your figure out their custom control panel, especially considering their rock-bottom price. Not recommended for high-traffic operations, but for "user created HTML pages" on your own domain name, this might be just what you're looking for.

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