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I call for a delete post button like come on how many "oh this is just a post to say i double posted" comments do we get. A few is the answer. so dont be lazy code up a delete button. Good job. I got my eye on you.

I concur, but sometimes shit just happens and you get two post.. Its like having a baby but then BAM two little kids pop out... very unexpected.

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Wasn't this a massive spam/flame feast gone wrong or something?

I don't know looks like they deleted all the posts that were amusing.

Moderator @ 3AM = FAIL

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awww someone deleted evil bunny

No one deleted it, my site is down because Dreamhost is doing some maintenence. Here is the file I created if you really wanted it.

Oh, and I thought the thread was locked? Glad to see that someone has a sense of humor to reopen it...

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no there was another thread. i think it was titled "Forum!!!" or something lol. thats the one that got locked

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