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  1. Does it boot from USB?
  2. XP? Start in safe mode, change his password, lock him out.
  3. I would still consider getting one but cant get one on a plan like I have now. Unlimited data FTW.
  4. I know there can be blackberry issues, a mate of mine had som after installing some dodgy themes. I dont really hate the iphone, just the trendiness of them i guess. I fuckin love my bold though!
  5. Swathe

    RTS anyone??

    Starcraft and dawn of war
  6. I dont feel raid is required on a gaming machine. I have a 150gb raptor as my os drive and would go SSD if i wasn't broke lol.
  7. I think the OP was meant to read.......... You're hacks are just boring, you show things that are way past my point comprehension or I lack the required skill to put them into action. My network is ADSL connection with 312KB/s download at maximum speed, can somebody show me how to defy the laws of physics, do all the work for me and tell me what sex with a woman is like?
  8. Hack a bank, score heaps of $$$$$$ then pay for a better plan.
  9. I dont just mean cost vs. power and as well forgot us dollars lol That means roughly $700 au and i could build a way better server than that lol. Stupid flu. Shoot me........................
  10. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
  11. Good bang for buck!. would like to reduce my dell poweredge 4600 to something a little more manageable but i love the dual xeons :(
  12. I work in an enterprise computing environment that consists entirely of HP apart from a few servers and tuffbook laptops. FEEL MY PAIN!
  13. Thanks man can delete lock this or whatever.
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