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  1. To a degree yes it is bashing but you see, I use windows, OSX and linux. They all have there place and some are certainly superior in areas to others. I just get sick of people looking down on Linux just because it cannot run all the games they want to play. NIX is more secure and that can never be disputed. Plus it can be made to look 10000% better than windows and the good old "its free" also applies. People can use whatever OS they like, just dont hate on us because our's is safer lol.
  2. I have heard reports of two machines out of 5000 here infected so far, but no other information as yet.
  3. I have a Linux pocket protector with tux on it. Love it to much to wear it though. Sits on my desk :)
  4. I hate mac fan boyism but i hate uninformed mac bashing too. mac and NIX get hated on so much it really pisses me off. There is only one reason to keep windows as your home os and that is gaming. Period.
  5. Hmm how close is this to spam advertising?
  6. Yeah and you may find some other tools amongst it you might want to retain
  7. Remember "When Sysadmin ruled the world"? I turn off my PC for nothing (ok except electrical storms but thats it)
  8. I dont go out of my way to say I'm a geek. I just am a nerd and not ashamed of the fact. I'm not the stereo typical nerd (small and weak etc) but it wouldn't worry me if I was.
  9. Lol I was actuallly linked to the news story and the big fat dude IS a WoW player who had some 13 girl coming to meet him who he met on WoW. LINUX FTMFW
  10. Lol I am a trade qulified Carpenter
  11. I run multiple boxes headlessly and only need to ssh or rdp when i need to fix some setting or something like that. I also rolled out Spiceworks at home to which meant I pretty much get email alerts when there is an issue which make adminning the whole thing a piece of cake.
  12. We more or less have to keep telling the noobs to restart their PC's. And i'm not a bludger. I got AD open on the other monitor lol.
  13. I know what the a - team was because I'm a huge fan but i have seen t the e-team ads done for a networking company on you tube. Will try and post the link later.
  14. This is all the Linux bashing I can take RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  15. Sorry for quality, done with a phone. I am also wearing a Pac man 1980 champion t shirt lol
  16. I think it will be a flash in the pan and be over just as quickly.
  17. I know most of us consider ourselves nerds/geeks but how many of us show it to the whole world. I say we need to start. I am wearing my propeller hat today to work and sure some people think I'm a tosser but I don't give a shit. After all, they ring me to fix their PC.
  18. Any person who has done an apprenticeship will know what being treated like shit can be. Luckily I was mature age and was training others while I still was an apprentice. I have seen the way they get treated and some people are pathetic. I only had one guy who tried to treat me like shit and it escalated to the point where I was going to punch fuck through him.
  19. Come on, this is a rip off of an series of ads. Search for e-team on you tube. You bloody Cheater! My caption: "Hi, we're your new neighbours"
  20. we had three floors of building taken out once because some noob plugged in a router from home and smashed the dhcp.
  21. I did get a instant lol from becoming older tha darren by a few years overnight.
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