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  1. I use windows 7 for my gaming machine and I really love it. Linux on my laptop atm but distro hopping pretty often. On Ubuntu 8.10 atm but probably going back to slackware or arch.
  2. All I know is thtat the prices they charge are ridiculous.
  3. I was amazed. Is microsoft so nefarious they would make vista so it could never be deleted?
  4. lol I am not a green follower either.
  5. USB key with custom payload.
  6. I am in a pickle, I like open source but hate communism.
  7. The Dell tech who replaced my wifes hard drive in her laptop told her her old drive could not be formatted because you cant format vista hard drives. (Before you ask, she wanted them to do it due to warranty integrity and i was at work.)
  8. I deleted vista pretty quick and ran linux. I chucked windows 7 beta on it to test before rolling out to my main desk top and it deteced all hardware fine and ran it without issue.
  9. I feel Audi are better made. Check out pricings for spare parts etc and repair cost for these will be high, but one may be alot higher.
  10. Especially after it breaks.
  11. Swathe

    Lanschool v7.2

    We had that at tafe. often URLs could be reached just by using the ip address lol. Dout that works now though.
  12. Well, it can be made to never expire lol. I usually try and keep my installs to a minimum and most app dont' require "installing" anyway. I only really use windows for games. My laptop running Linux handles the rest.
  13. I never tried it myself to see if it would work. I though they must have been doing something wrong lol. i run it full time on my desktop, really liking it so far.
  14. The episode when they giver the "Internet" to take for her speech. The greatest show ever!
  15. lo l. I wasn't the only one who went WTF?
  16. Perish the thought. I may give it a try after work and see how I go.
  17. No body I know has had 7 working in a VM.
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