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  1. Age affects our perception whether we want it to or not. Same with sex, race etc. It can't be helped as it's human nature. The thing is to give that person the chance to show how they really are.
  2. Fixed lol. I think we are all guilty of sexing it up once or twice.
  3. Wire i had almost exactly the same except i had a massive 16mb of RAM. I only went to Windows 95 for mechwarrior 2 lol
  4. So some guy copied an application to your computer, or the other way around? Use a portable version off of a usb drive (Best use for an iPod ever!!!)
  5. Swathe


    Funny that. Apple is the devil is the devil. i detest itunes with a passion ( Therefore, I dont use it) And backing up your shit it the solution. Daily.
  6. Gates is a dreamboat.
  7. I have a mate who admins a high school. It's a nightmare for him lol.
  8. Rudd. If there was ever a need to assassinate an Australian politician, it's now
  9. My typing sucks full stop, it's like 35wpm lol
  10. Best thing I've read in a while and I totally agree. Imagine sysadmining a school where everything is on computers. NIGHTMARE!
  11. I prefer multiple monitors and remote session on each one, but synergy has been a great help in the past. Better than a million cables from kvms.
  12. My oldest daughter is in year 7 and she has a pc in her room and a laptop. All her activites are monitored and her daily usage is limited and also depending on behaviour. I think it's a good thing. Got her playing diablo too lol.
  13. I am very inspired by this to do a big setup myself. Obviously the hardware won't be as impressive but i'm definitely keen. Power bill is my main concern :(
  14. Could you get a video of a password being cracked and run your computer at the same time to show the speed difference to the audience? Have them running whilst you give your talk.
  15. Children using computers early is fine if it's monitored.
  16. I love the Coolermaster cases. I have an Antec 900 and the cable management sucks balls.
  17. I have 2 mons plus laptop, pc and a server with vms. I feel inadequate :(
  18. Tandy Trs-80 with 64k of ram, running mMicrosoft basic 1984. Still got it and it still works. Games on tape FTW!!!!
  19. I either SSH or rdp into my boxes as they run as headless units. I have dual monitor so i just use my 22"when I am in another machine. Plus my servers are set up with multiple desktops (Check out sysinternals for server 03 if you aren't aware). Synergy is a great app but I game on my main rig so don't need to swap inbetween machine for that purpose.
  20. I have the Legit (proof i am a real fan lol) dvd box sets of every season of the show and of the movie.(animated and the newer one) I still have a couple of G1 original toys aswell. I would have thought it easy enough to find. Your local comic store will be able to get them for sure.
  21. Swathe


    Found it by accident when googling and downloaded the latest ep which was 1x03. Immediately went back and grabbed the first too, so I've been watching a while. I lurked on the forums for ages but didnt join because my forum joining addiction was way out of hand. Joined and then was away for a while, forgot my user name and passwod so created another account. Watching hak5 evolve has been interesting, and I nearly walked away forever after season 3. Thankfully Season 4 started to turn around a bit and season 5 is better. Sadly, I think the first season will always remain the best, but will keep downloading the eps and putting them on my home server. I really miss some of the ex show members, but i dont hold that against the current crew. The past is the past and whilst sploitcast has gone by the wayside, unpersons is an awesome podcast, and I reccomend everyone goive it a listen. Also grabbed an ep of securabit to listen to today at work. Hak5 has done alot for iptv and that cannot be ignored. the forums fluctuate between good and at times really crap but hey, so does the rest of the world. Hack the planet.
  22. Would use it if I had a mac I guess. We are stuck on Office 03 at work and use 07 at home.
  23. Swathe

    Melty Blood

    I will be checking this out.
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