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  1. You can still google for the games you find on here.
  2. If i find the time I might go for it, but I can still just install the tools on Gentoo or Ubuntu anyway. Thanks for the advice though :D
  3. Did you get the custom lid on your lappy? I got the racing stripes
  4. Every other recent release distro recognises it out of the box
  5. Nah mate i'm happy being married with kids :D
  6. Mines an intel one from Dell (exact model number escapes me atm.)
  7. I wont be going to Thailand anytime soon, I'm married with 3 kids lol.
  8. I've used GetDataBack with 100% success rate so far.
  9. I have never had this issue before. Is it common?
  10. I have a dell 1525 and ubuntu recognised all of the hardware straight up.
  11. No BT3 does not see it either.
  12. sigh it does not detect my wireless card and no ndiswrapper. I like the idea of an all in one type distro but there are others that work better and i ccan install the applications I need. I know it is a Beta and I will check out future releases.
  13. Your "friend" has something he won't give to you? I would like to know what this "something" is!
  14. Most of the apps are open source and they provide links in the show notes. It's not a bad idea but the time could be better spent. You could make some of course.
  15. I have gone down two two folders, one with shortcuts to apps and the other with short cuts to games. I have 0 shortcuts in Ubuntu on my lappy.
  16. My top speed is only 150kb/s :( I HATE AUSTRALIAN ISP's
  17. Thanks for the tip, will do. has anyone ctually installed this as an fulltime os yet?
  18. Ziplock, I will have your babies if you can get me some stickers.
  19. More like the techs put it up there and management have no idea what they are. Telstra bigpond is the ISP. I just checked and they only have an ultra small set on there now like 400mb lol plus the ophcrack iso.
  20. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHANGE ISP'S. My isp has rainbow tables on their FTP server for unmetered downloads!
  21. My wife is the Peggle master!!!
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