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  1. All those sick of saying google it say aye. AYE!
  2. Swathe

    linux live cd

    +1 for DSL or upgrade to run knoppix.
  3. A cammo paint job and don't forget to carry some holstered 3.5" floppies
  4. Swathe

    Diablo II LOD

    I just went and bought the D2 boxed set with lod. Luckily i installed it that day because the next day i rolled over the d2 play disk in my computer chair. :(
  5. I generaly prefer to align myself withthe traditional definition of a hacker.
  6. Personally, I have never agreed with homosexuality. I've given up on the debate on whether it's hardwired or simply a lifestyle choice because as far as I am aware nobody knows for certain and it's probably a bit of both. I am certainly not a follower of religion so I won't be spouting out Christian rheteoric. I personally don't wish to see gay couples kissing etc in public and I certainly don't beleive they should be able to adopt children as there are plenty of people who physically are unable to conceive naturally or can't afford IVF treatment. I know I will get flamed to the nth degree but this is merely my opinion. I am sure many gay people are great to know, I just find it uncomfortable to be around them. I have 3 children too and don't particularly want them to see two grown men kissing in public as they are only learning the natural way the human species behave. Gay marriage is something I don't have a real opinion on. By not agreeing with homosexuality I guess by default I am against gay marriage aswell. I am only against the act of homosexuality, not the people who who engage in it. I hope you guys see what I am trying to say.
  7. I would rather hunt poachers because they are the real animals.
  8. How about the option of doing the fucking work and getting good marks goddamn noob. I haven't posted on here for like 6 months but after reading yet another post like this OP I couldnt help it. Grow the fuck up!
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