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  1. http://faminet.uni.cc/Temp/nep.jpg[/img]
  2. Who do you think Hak.5 (the show) is aimed at? For one, its no longer Hak.5 the show has (de)evolved to Hak5. It is at present aimed at people wanting to pwn their school and rock out to Guitar Hero. Basically, go to the USB Hacks forum, thats the audience; the average 13-14 year old gamer who likes to talk major shit about people on whilst playing on Xbox Live, and want to fuck up someone's computer to laugh in their face without understanding what they are doing, or how they are doing it, yet alone devoting time to anything helpful or constructive in any sense of the words. They are the people that you would see kicking the shit out of your friends in Junior High just because of a different position in the microcosm; something I am never happy with and something that makes me rethink coming back here every day. Who do you think it should be aimed at? I think the show should be aimed at who it originally was aimed at, the hacker; the tech enthusiast; the geek. Those people that would be willing to help you if you asked a (constructive) question; those people you would want to meet up with later and start a club with; those people that would selflessly set up projects and services for the community at which they resided simply because they thought it would be fun for everyone and a great learning experience for all those who wanted to gain information. I always have looked for people who share my interests and want to help me to do something with my time to improve myself and surroundings, however I do not think that this place is able to do that anymore. Do you think the show hits the viewers you think it's aiming for? I think the show does hit who its targeting, I see and eliminate countless threads regarding breaking into computers, and people requesting applications that will pwn a box in seconds without realizing just what is going on. Every time I see a new registered account, I hope theres a change for differentiation, but day after day its the same story, degrading and decaying just a little more as time goes by. What might make it appeal more to the audience you think it should be aimed at? I want cool segments again, frankly. Case modding, network tricks, controlling your lights over the internet, etc. I'd trade the awesome look and editing of season three for the content that anyone can find in season one in a heart beat. However, it is said that you must be the change that you want to see. As much as I try to make a change, there can never be a strong enough uprising within the existence of the autocracy, the central government completely devoid of civilian and even higher-ranked opinion, left to toil in its own muddy while as it slowly shifts to cater itself and itself only while main focus becomes lacking and the mutation so morose that it does not even like itself. Where would you like to see the show going? I want what some may call a self-defeating change; a change which forces the show to go years backwards to a time when segments appealed to a warm crowd and if a project was started, everyone wanted to help out (If you look now, you can see out of thousands that there are give-or-take five people willing to aid you). I currently see the show failing under its own pressure and lack of community integration towards the central core. Once the audience evolves to the point where the "elders" are more or less all killed off, the replacements will be those raised by the new "Hak5" and be unable to keep all of this going to the point where it becomes mass anarchy, lacking any warmth whatsoever and struggling for even the slightest of vitality. This is something I hope is avoidable, but as a warning, mark these words; study them close and long.
  3. Yeah, for the past two weeks, I've been something of an asshole because of some stuff that was going on, and I really don't want that streak to continue. I don't think I have done anything productive within that time, and its all because I haven't helped others to be.
  4. This stuff started for back when there were games with no xbox live. It tricked the xbox into thinking it was a lan game, when it was actually online, so people who have original Halo but the inability to throw a lan party were covered. As the games evolved, so did the service. Sometimes you just want to do some custom, non-ranked non-servermade games with other people you don't know just for fun, and this offers it. Its also a great environment for people who modify games to test their creations on a large scale.
  5. I used to be really big on Xbconnect and Xlink, I recommend them.
  6. If you mean software for windows, there are two main routes you can go; UnrealIRCD or InspIRCD. I personally like Unreal, though Inspircd is easier to configure. After you pick one of those, anope services should be installed accordingly. As for an irc bot, windrop (an eggdrop port) is probably your best bet.
  7. I see, I thought it only lets you download in flash.
  8. I went with stage6 so I wouldn't have to be bothered by flash.
  9. I would quite like to revive this, but am stumped.
  10. My friends call me switchbalde... You call me- Robocopy.
  11. Nice going. Now if it is a female, shes not coming back. We need to extricate you.
  12. Thats a good question. Talk to me on the 14th.
  13. Theres a reason there is little documentation about bo. This is something you don't talk about in public circles where people can shun you. There is no good use for trojans except as possibly a legit remote admin tool, but there are many better choices for that. From my mean guy side, I give you "Fucking stop asking about skiddy shit. If you want to do that, take it upon yourself and stop polluting web communities. We are by no means cDc's forums, so don't think we have the same goddamn answers they would." This topic is locked, and to be used as an example
  14. This topic has been moved to USB Hacks. [iurl]http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?topic=8619.0[/iurl]
  15. Okay, that was a harsh comment on my part
  16. Famicoman

    U3 question

    Its called the search function, and it is right above your post
  17. I don't remember what did what, but there was some server switching that could have thrown a wrench into things.
  18. [me=Famicoman]registers Stage7[/me]
  19. I heard its a complete piece of crap. Let me watch it and see how wrong it is. EDIT: After watching it, I really really hope this is wrong. It scares the shit out of me.
  20. My mouse did that once. I thought it has something to do with fullscreen, though.
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