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  1. Thx for the answer. Well, I'm on the same network, so all I would have to do is aprspoof both the victim at and the proxy at into beliving I was the other one. victim: (set up to use proxy proxy: attacker: running squid-proxy+upside-down-ternet script As I said, when I set up victim to use as proxy, everything works.
  2. Anyone? As I said, it all works perfectly when the "victim" connects voluntarily to the proxy at What if the browser on the "victim" was already set up to use a proxy-server. Like in this case, How can I spoof the network so that the browser connects to instead of ? I've tried arpspoof (set it up in two terminals, one for Victim-Gateway(proxy); one for Gateway(proxy)-Victim as discriped here: http://su2.info/doc/arpspoof.php), but it didn't work. The "victim" could connect to the internet and the pictures weren't upside-down
  3. Why not copy everything? I mean, if your're running rsync, you can get everything on the first run and then only copy the files that changes every day.
  4. Well, try rsync in combination with ssh. Mount the remote server's files system using sshfs, then use rsync to copy the files to your local server. Put it all into a nice bash-script that you can run over night using cron.
  5. Hi, I've been playing around with ettercap in a VM a little bit. I used sudo ettercap -T -q -P dns_spoof -i eth0 -M ARP / // with being a second VM ("victim"). The etter.dns has nothing but * A in it with being my first VM ("attacker") that is running ettercap. Basically I wanted to test the "upside-down-ternet"-prank on my test network. It worked quite well and actually turned the images around like it should do. However, I've noticed one problem: When you go to a new site on the "victim", this site takes very long to loa
  6. But most of the time it rather looks like this:
  7. I have a U3 drive and managed to boot Backtrack 3 just fine when I put it on the Flash-Partition with unetbootin. The Switchblade on the U3-Partition still worked all right afterwards.
  8. Hey guys, I just bought a 16GB Sandisk cruzer 16GB usb flash drive with U3 technology. I downloaded the Leapos Payload v0880 (latest) and the Universal Customizer from Hak5. I then copied the ISO from the U3-Directory of the Leapos-Release to the BIN directory of Universal Customizer and ran the exe. There were no errors and flashing the U3-Partition seemed to go fine. I then copied the files from the "Flash Partition"-Folder to my flash partition on the cruzer. After that I ran Menu.bat and configured the settings for which modules to run ect. All that seemed to work just fine but I can
  9. Hey guys, I've been reading a bit on the interwebs about people who managed to install their OS (WindowsXP) onto a Ram Disk which apparently resulted in a very good performance with fast loading apps ect. I know it's pretty easy to load a live CD of knoppix into RAM before booting and having the same advantages (apps pop up instantly ect.) since there's already a simple menu option when booting the liveCD. Now, I'd like to know if something like this is possible with windows. Nowadays you can easily buy 16GB of RAM for a couple of hundred $$$ which would be far enough to hold your XP or
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering weather it would be possible to inject a video or still frame into a VNC-Connection from the server-side so that it looks like the one being monitored is still working on a spread sheet while in fact he's doing something else. I got this idea from one of many movies where the guys breaking into the bank feed a video of an empty vault to the security-guys while they are actually in the vault stealing the money. Would it be possible to run a VNC-Server that serves a still frame or video-loop via the VNC-Protocoll so that if someone were to connect to my VNC-Server
  11. However a regular free http proxy from elite-proxy is a lot better for this, I think. With TOR you're routing your traffic through dozens of nodes which causes transfer rates of 10kb/s or less from what I expirienced while trying it. In todays Web 2.0 that's simply not enough for anything on the web. No Video, no Audio, no Pictures (unless you want to wait 2 hours for a few pics to load). So well, the idea behind TOR is good I think and there're certainly some times where it's actually useful. However most of the time it's rather useless because it's just not fast enough to get anything don
  12. Try metasploit with autopwn. It's kinda skiddy, but works good for fairly unprotected machines. And it's easy to use.
  13. As your're talking 100MB or less, you could also try Dropbox
  14. Yeah; I'd love to see the talk, too. And videotaping it (or I guess HDD-recording with the new HD-Camcoders ;) ) would make it available for everyone to see!
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