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  1. Not to mention SMF also had a way better admin interface and mobile support. Pity stuff had to change.
  2. http://media.blackhat.com/bh-usa-06/video/...g_Hollywood.mp4
  3. Everything is minty again.
  4. Guess what still seems to be logging me out...
  5. The login forever box doesn't work.
  6. I for one keep getting logged out of the forums even though I have the "remember me" box checked. Kinda weird since this only does it here and not on any other ipb forums.
  7. Looks pretty. I like how I can't ban anyone anymore.
  8. Thanks for this one. You also reminded me to try and re-find GIDUT because I always confuse that with stepONE.
  9. I wish I saved the ones I randomly tossed into irc about a year ago.
  10. I think they seemed longer because back then, everyone was terrified of the camera, so much like high school public speaking, the main points were violently put out there, cutting the fat. Now, theres more on-screen comfort so the segments are somewhat padded and have deterrence from main concepts.
  11. Apparently two years ago, I thought this was awesome.
  12. I stand by all the shit I said, but I don't like the way I said it.
  13. Its way too early in the morning, but I skimmed that, and I liked what I saw, especially since I was an asshole tonight as well. EDIT: I LOVE YOU ALL
  14. This topic has been moved to Pandora Timeshifting. [iurl]http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?topic=8896.0[/iurl]
  15. I'm saying to keep stuff open. You say everyone has voiced (an opinion I assume) on the matter and that the place has cleaned up considerably, but your "everyone" is five people on the forums. You go into irc right now and ask the most hardcore of the most hardcore fans of the show what they think and you'll see the overwhelming tension all this has caused. I'm not even sure I know anyone in favor of them at all. And I for one know that you are not the one who is cleaning up 16 posts of spam and hateful comments to get into the forum with people who won't stop making accounts and threatening users. You are also not the one around when guys hop onto irc and mumble out something the sounds of, "I have a usb h4x and I'm gonna use it on my school. hehehe". Most people that say this are instantly shunned, and normal productive conversation is deterred by this banter. You say that everyone started out as a noob and whatnot, but does that mean we should help them by just tossing them links to payloads and keep them not knowing shit, or do we want to try to help them, teach them to teach themselves, help them become beneficial to a community we all have put so much time into because we like the general atmosphere. I'm still thinking back to that posed question of whether or not the payloads should be distributed disassembled. There is also the eqauting of Pandora to the USB section. Last I checked however, you can't use pandora to fuck someone over. I don't even see any unmalicious use for any of the usb hacks anymore. At any rate, its your show, its your money, its your time, and who the fuck am I to oppose? However I really like this place, I come back for the people, and more and more the people I come back for are disappearing and when I ask them why its usually because of some asshole (or group) manifested from this community that was not dealt with, ignored, or prematurely shoved aside. Frankly, I don't want to be one of those people disappearing, and theres a lot of subtlety around that can allude this.
  16. I'm sorry, but I can't let this be pushed out of the way of the thread so hastily. Everyone has the right to voice what they feel on this provided its constructive, and this issue has been subject of conversation everywhere for months and months. I'm reminded of the Dev5 meetings where nothing would ever be solved; things would be discussed for 10 lines, and then the subject would change, this would keep going and little would be done. Theres a window here, and it should be taken.
  17. I can make her go both ways, but if I look at the right spot, she bounces back and forth between 2 points without making a rotation; that scares me.
  18. http://faminet.uni.cc/Temp/APR08.jpg[/img]
  19. http://www.renodiscontent.com/wp-content/bush_turkey.jpg[/img]
  20. Speak for yourself, I was born a hacker. 8) They say that tomb coded himself from nothing.
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