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  1. I used 4 and 5 until I discovered Firefox.
  2. I think I used it with moderation. I don't like cramped text.
  3. Here is my domain. Note, the pics are blurry because I took off the anti-blur fuction for ebay pictures. I'm in the basement with this lab. This is the basement TV. I got VCR/DVD/360 on that. The other TV is for my friend when he comes over. I use his xbox for a dedicated server when he is not around. Its more convenient for himnm to leave it here. There are now more Tvs there. I have 2 vcrs for rf modulation. They were hooked up together for copying over on the tv with my soft-modded XBOX. The heart of my network. My modded XBOX. Two crappy computers. One is just for the N64. I have a face mapper so I can change the face of a character in Goldeneye 007 with anything. I also make my own gameshark codes there. The other comp is nothing yet. Soon to be a dedicated Folding-At-Home computer. My main basement computer is a celeron. Its just for quick browsing and aim when I'm away from my good computer. The other one, that isn't on, has a cd-burner which I use for burning VCDs or linux distros. It currently runs Nero 7 Ultra. Bookshelf with history books, its where I throw small things and discs. My Macs, held up by empty cases. Thesers also some old 5.44 inch floppy drives. Some records, bags, a monitor, linux, record player, and portable DVD player charger. iMac. My linux PC, Printers, optical drives, and ZIP DRIVES!!!!! Overview. $6 worth of Mt. Dew Bottles. Some Radios. A HD speaker. A picture of a Zip Disk Raid. *will update wilth more pictures*
  4. best proxy ever: http://www.allaboutabe.com Click the black and white picture to the left.
  5. I got to yard sales and fleamarkets every weekend. I usually pick up a good computer (500 MHz) with a monitor for about $15. My best find was a few weeks ago when I bought 5 comps (Pentium 1, 2, AMD-KMS) for $4 a pop. I'm thinking a multi-node linux setup, or computers for seeding torrents. Not bad eigther way. Maybe a game server.
  6. I have three monitors fairly close to eachother running it. Looks awesome in the dark. Vid (below), if anyone doubts how realistic it seems. YouTube PhotoBucket (I can't believe this works!)
  7. I use this one. http://www.kellysoftware.com/ssaver/Matrix_ks.asp
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