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  1. http://slexy.org/view/s2wGRIunKV Not updated since August, updating now Not IPTV
  2. I think he means replace the "Windows Is Starting" image with a vid if not, make a batchfile with like "mplayer vid.avi" and throw it in the startup folder
  3. Famicoman


    Lather, Rinse, Reinstall
  4. going to your local game store and dropping $15 doesn't sound so bad anymore, eh
  5. yeah, for the custom drivers on linux
  6. satas are generally faster than ide. If you are worried about the data, raid works nicely. The common rule of thumb was to not buy maxtor because of some of the horror stories, but they have since been purchased by segate so who knows any more.
  7. Famicoman

    Network Drive

    you could whip something up that has an "if filename=="game.exe" then del"
  8. Famicoman

    Network Drive

    If the computer has accounts, how can you not login to do stuff?
  9. Theres a whole free web service that does that, though I forget the name right now. I need to figure it out again so I can uninstall the stuff EDIT: I think the website was Gadget Track, but they are not free anymore oh well
  10. Keep your eyes on http://files.pig-monkey.com/video/patrolling/
  11. I got it yesterday, read it, and loved it. I might write a review for Analog5 if I could get some more submissions to have enough to publish.
  12. No more "lets hack the school" threads, please. I'm feeling lenient tonight.
  13. Famicoman


    We don't do that kinda shit around here. You got one more strike, man
  14. Famicoman


    You want to ghost users on irc in general?
  15. We should do what they did in the BBS era. Close down the registration on the board for the first couple of months of the year so all the kids that got modems for Christmas can piss off other people.
  16. I'm so close to a ban spree, its not funny
  17. I thought you were supposed to read the sticky threads
  18. Is your caps lock button broken?
  19. http://faminet.uni.cc/barr.JPG[/img] FOUND
  20. I found that link over the summer when I was obsessed with animation for a bit. They never say whether the movie is any good.
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