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  1. SSH to WiFi Pineapple airmon-ng start wlan1 pinesniffer wlan1mon 60 0 /tmp/test report your observation
  2. The post is long so i didnt read everything. yellow light or frequent reboot could be due to low power, ensure sufficient power is provided to tetra. or can you share your power setup. ie how many battery
  3. Likely that you are not supplying enough power to Tetra.
  4. Ensure that your interface is set to the correct channel. run aireplay-ng with an additional -D parameter.
  5. As what b0N3z mention, very unlikely and even if it is possible it will take alot of work to get nessus or metasploit running on a Nano. Even if they can work, the modules should run poorly on a Nano. An easier solution would be to run the nessus or metasploit on your kali machine and from there target those harvested clients with the following setups: a) kali is setup as the gateway to Nano. ie Nano connected via usb to kali laptop, kali provides the internet, all harvested client will need to connect to the internet thru you. or b) kali machine connects to the same spoof
  6. Thanks this is definitely a better way to differential between NANO and Tetra. Updated to use this code instead. https://github.com/esa101/NetworkingPlus
  7. Experimental version which should work on both a Nano or Tetra. Once again w/o a Tetra to test with, i will need the community to help test this out. If this "combined" module doesnt work, the easier solution would be to create separate NetworkingPlus modules for Nano & Tetra. https://github.com/esa101/NetworkingPlus/tree/version-1.5 Technique used to differential between a Nano & Tetra By observing the diff results. It seems that Nano uses "wan" whereas Tetra uses "wwan" My guess is that Tetra's firewall rule should have wwan interface configured. So bas
  8. Hi i just assumed Tetra & Nano are sharing the same module. As i do not have a Tetra, is it possible to upload the Tetra's default Networking module. I will do a code comparison and would likely be able to "fix" it if the changes is not too significant.
  9. https://github.com/esa101/NetworkingPlus/blob/version-1.4 Updated the module to set the maximum number of clients that can connect to our AP. This is a very useful feature when you are creating a popular SSID to spoof as. PineAP cannot support too many clients connecting to it, when there are alot of clients using PineAP, the internet service becomes unusable. Please share your experience on the maximum number of clients that could be connected to your spoofed AP w/o making the internet unusable. Further info on my findings that could help: On the
  10. Yet another minor update. This time i enabled more variety of WPA/WPA2 (TKIP or CCMP or both) networks that can be created. https://github.com/esa101/NetworkingPlus/tree/version-1.3 On what is TKIP or CCMP, please read the article i linked below. https://www.acrylicwifi.com/en/blog/about-wpa-psk-tkip-ccmp-wi-fi-security-information/ So why not just a generic WPA, WPA2 network. Earlier on i mentioned that this mod is to make my life easier when performing Evil Twin against clients on WPA2/WPA protected APs. For Evil Twin to work, you will need to create
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Have investigated and fixed the problem. Installation: Just place the files in /pineapple/modules/NetworkingPlus https://github.com/esa101/NetworkingPlus/tree/version-1.2 Have also removed the suggestion to replace the original networking module, incase this module screws something up you still have the original networking module to fall back to.
  12. this package definitely works. Try a factory reset then performing this installation.
  13. https://github.com/esa101/NetworkingPlus Nano/Tetra networking module with more options for client AP creation. WPA/WPA2, Disable AP Installation: Just place the files in /pineapple/modules/NetworkingPlus **Client AP is also being use by PineAP. So this might disrupt how Pineapple Wifi Works. Reset back to any open AP if you are experiencing issues with other modules. Not tested thoroughly, please highlight if you are facing issues with this. Will try to debug it for the benefit of the community. Intention for creating this is to make my life easier when perfor
  14. 1) Devices that connect to your Pineapple AP, do they have internet? 2) Use br-lan 3) On the devices browse to a number of http websites 4) It should work
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