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  1. SSH to WiFi Pineapple airmon-ng start wlan1 pinesniffer wlan1mon 60 0 /tmp/test report your observation
  2. with commandline you will receive feedback should you encounter any issues. Also it is interesting to find out what is going on behind the scene.
  3. optional. can be used for power, for direct connection to laptop, for 3g/4g dongle, another wifi adapter etc. in your setup it does not seem necessary to have an additional wifi adapter.
  4. awus036nhr is not neccessary?
  5. try w/o using the filter. ie switch to deny mode and remove all mac addresses
  6. The post is long so i didnt read everything. yellow light or frequent reboot could be due to low power, ensure sufficient power is provided to tetra. or can you share your power setup. ie how many battery
  7. Well at least the forum community is trying to help you, but you do have to help us answer some qns before we can do that.
  8. Check the seller's rating and reviews from his previous sales. Make a judgement call. How would shipping from Sweden cost double? Basically it is just adding an additional shipping charge from Sweden to Lebanon. On shipping restriction, it is usually enforced by the destination country. ie your country. http://www.dhl.com.lb/en/country_profile/import_guidelines_express.html Tip: call your local DHL representative and ask on the restriction. For simplicity tetra can be considered a wifi router.
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WiFI-PINEAPPLE-TETRA-HAK5-/182578911537?hash=item2a828d1931:g:gWEAAOSwn-tZHBac there are always different ways to get things done.
  10. you didnt download the script properly. what you did was download the html file instead. copy the wp6.sh manually, paste it into a file, or vi into a file.
  11. Likely that you are not supplying enough power to Tetra.
  12. Ensure that your interface is set to the correct channel. run aireplay-ng with an additional -D parameter.
  13. I think i might have found a way to increase the chance for Recon scan to trigger an error. It seems that by running 2 or more Tcpdump/httpsniffer, it will affect Recon module's stability. What this means is that if you are running modules which utilises tcpdump/httpsniffer (or similar type of binary), it might make Recon module unstable. DWALL is one example of such a module. This might be specific to my device, so i would like for you to help test this out on your device. Do try it on a Tetra if you have 1, Tetra might be immune since it is a more powerful unit. Instructions: a) SSH to WiFi Pineapple b) run airmon-ng start wlan1 tcpdump -i wlan1mon & exit c) SSH to WiFi Pineapple again tcpdump -i wlan0 & exit d) SSH to WiFi Pineapple again tcpdump -i br-lan & exit e) SSH to WiFi Pineapple again. ps command is for you to verify that 3 instances of tcpdump is running in your process list. ps pinesniffer wlan1mon 60 0 /tmp/test f) Run pinesniffer 4 more times. And kill off the tcpdumps killall tcpdump g) Expected output should be one of the below: - No error reported - Error reading packets - Segmentation fault h) Report the output in this thread
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