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  1. Hi there! I just updated the firmware of my tetra to 2.0.2 and the bug that i've found is still present in here: I realized first in 1.1.2 that "aircrack-ng -J output something.cap" is not working correct. Yes it generates the file, but hashcat can't read the key. This has to be a bug, because when I transfer the .cap file and run that command on two differend pcs, the generated .hccap file can be read successfully in hashcat. Aircrack-ng framework version is always 1.2 rc4. Greetings :)
  2. I was able to sort out the difference in the attack, I think. With Wireshark filter MAC addresses and 802.11 packets, I could see that MDK3 would be sending both disassociation and de-authentication packets, where aireplay-ng only sent de-authentication packets. greetings ;)
  3. My Tetra reboots while I'm injecting.... Is it really a power problem? I connect it with the Y-Cable to the same USB-Ports as always and it worked fine until today :(
  4. Like I said, it is working with another AP... I never gave up testing and the result: Deauth is working one the router with the tool mk3 even in ac mode. I'm confused....
  5. @Sebkinne Hi, could you pls give me some technical information why it is not possible? And what exactly is not possible, because I can run the airodump-ng tool for example? I know some differences of the 802.11n (supported) and 802.11ac, but how does the hardware of the tetra deal with it?
  6. Hello again, I've done some researching on the internet and checked the router I'm pentesting. The 5 GHz channel was on 802.11ac mode and that is not supported by the Tetra :( BUT: I changed it to 802.11n and tried a different channel. Same results..... not able to inject anything. I switched the "-0" to "-9" (injection test) and it says "No Answer..." "Found 0 APs". Don't forget my second test: Injection is working with another router! @Foxtrot Firmware of the Tetra is the latest(1.1.2?), I just received this tool two days ago ;) Here is my dmesg: http://textuploader.com/d992d
  7. Hi, let me give you some introduction: I bought the nano months ago and pentested some of my old routers. Unfortunately I had to realize that the nano only can handle the 2.4 GHz frequency, but no problem, great product anyway. Most newer routers support both 2.4 to 5 GHz, so I decided to buy the tetra to continue pentesting with my network that has one brand new access point with both frequencies up at the same time. The start with the tetra was great, because with the "Recon" tab it's possible to scan both frequencies at the same time. Sorry I'm not a fan of the "Modules" so I always continue with an ssh connection and use the aircrack-ng tools. Here comes the question: Why can I scan my networks (2.4 and 5 GHz on same AP), but the injection does not work on the 5 GHz frequency? I know that the MAC Address changes in the last character, but I started to airodump my 5 GHz and fixed the channel (also tried different ones), but it is still not working. What am I doing wrong? Screenshots included. Scan results: http://i.imgur.com/2QV8OkJ.png Airodump: http://imgur.com/taEl4EY Aireplay: http://imgur.com/wRSW3ed Second test with another router (also dual frequencies): I'm wondering how I can capture my WPA2 handshake when I'm connected to the 2.4 GHz frequency and when I try to deauth my phone for example, it will reconnect to the 5 GHz frequency without giving the handshake. Same goes if I'm connected to the 5 GHz first and deauth it, the reconnect goes to the 2.4 GHz. I know that is normal behavior for modern devices, but can you please give me some advices how to handle this? Maybe a script with a loop of switching frequenies and deauth could work? Thank You!
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