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  1. Any updates about Profiling or a new way to get the same output: clients and their known probes???
  2. Great! Cabinet module worked like a charm! Thanks. Here is the API call parameters: module: Cabinet action: deleteFile file: /etc/pineapple/profiling_data Cheers.
  3. Is there any way to delete saved profiles in Profiling? Perhaps any API call.
  4. Using Recon or any module, is there a way to get the AP's internet IP?
  5. Well, we bought with 2 days shipping and today is 12/16 and we still didn't get anything. Nobody is answering, looks like they are running away. Really disapointed.
  6. caldera, The documentation says one thing and it's implemented another way. After many tries i was able to get it working. Here are the correct calls: START SCAN: "{\"module\": \"Recon\", \"action\": \"startScan\", \"scanType\": \"2\", \"scanDuration\": \"" + duration + "\", \"apiToken\": \"" + token + "\"}" GET RESULT - call it until you get the results after the specified duration: {\"module\": \"Recon\", \"action\": \"scanStatus\", \"scanID\": " + scanID + ", \"percent\": 0, \"apiToken\": \"" + token + "\"}
  7. We bought 2 TETRA units on 11/21 and our credit card has been charged and we will didn't get the package. We got the email with order and tracking number saying it was going to be shipped on the same day. We tried email, phone, everything, and no answer. Who can we talk to get the status of that?
  8. Recon + startScan runs with success {\"module\": \"Recon\", \"action\": \"startScan\", \"scanType\": \"apOnly\", \"scanDuration\": \"15\", \"apiToken\": \"" + token + "\"} response {\"success\":true,\"scanID\":53717986} Now trying to get the scan status gives no proper response for {\"module\": \"Recon\", \"action\": \"scanStatus\", \"scan\":{\"scanID\": \"921564248\", \"scanType\": \"apOnly\"}, \"apiToken\": \"" + token + "\"} response {\"completed\":false} what is wrong here?
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