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  1. I did that. I actually have all the PineAP options checked and the device I am trying to connect to the Open Wifi is listed in the "Allow" Filters. The connection fails and from what I can guess is that it is because it does not get an IP.... I have tried other devices with no success... Stumped
  2. It appears that although devices try to connect to my PineAP wifi, they cannot get an IP and leave...
  3. The PineApple appliance has Internet via my laptop's wifi sharing (connected via USB) I am not connecting the Pineapple appliance to my wifi network but did setup the AP for Remote management
  4. I have been trying to connect to the open AP without success. I have made sure to include the device I am using to the "Allow" Filter. Anything else I need to check?
  5. I have both plugged in... just to be safe. I wonder if I should reset and restart...
  6. I have not added any other modules. What I am doing is following the Primer from YouTube after setting up the unit straight out of the box.
  7. Setting up my Tetra. Everything looks good except I cannot "switch" the PineAP Deamon to Enabled. Any suggestions?
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