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  1. Hi allll im considering whether i should pay for my own specialists to look into this and represent me, but if im about to lose my job its money i dont think i want to be spending unless im sure it would help theres no lawyers involve or anything like that, its just an internal company investigation this looks interesting above, but dont actualy understand it myslef to be ale to explain it to others as an option to investigate, sorry if i seem a bit daft, but can you explain it a little simpler especially line 4 what does that mean then the bit that says "show them plug in the ducky to execute the reverse shell" whats a ducky ? you then say "You could even have them demonstrate some other flaws, like......." but what flaw have you demonstrated above? how are you sugesting they hack the machine in the first place is it to do with this ducky ? thanks in advance guys your a great help and i really appreciate it, my hearing is beginning July so not much time to get my experts in or write my counter report
  2. Hi thankyou so much for taking the time to give me your comments yes its a brand new sealed box laptop i have owned for about 4 years and the conversation stretches into 2 years is it possible then for my end of the conversation to have taken place on another pc, then once the account is opend on my pc all the conversations then appear as though they have taken place on mine ? can you explain more about a hack being run in memory, how do they get in my memory to run the hack as there evidence that the files weren't all downloaded onto my pc on one occasion but over quite a few months, so how do they keep getting into my memmory to run a hack there ? many thanks in advance Graham
  3. Hi thank you for your comments can i just confirm, its not my skype account, but a record of it is on my laptop and a long conversation over many months was recovered using software SkypeAlyzer and the files downloaded onto my pc over many monthas
  4. Hi guys thanks for your comments, really appreciated its just an off the shelf pc laptop i purchases myself with the company credit card so i have full access and don't leave it untended, so you can see why the don't believe im responsible its not an expensive data loss, why do you think a hack is expensive? do you mean if someone buys a hack software off the dark web ? thanks graham
  5. thanks for your comments guys my as far as my company are concerned they have finished inspecting it, getting 2 opinions on it and neither of them have found a backdoor i guess what im really looking for before my hearing is an article explaining / describing the fact that its not always possible to find a backdoor unless your the hacker thats put it there ? thanks in advance
  6. my windows works laptop has been hacked with files and programs being added and removed and some skype conversations found that i didn't have about theft of company files the laptop is used only be me at home and work, i know its been hacked because i know i didnt do it, but i face the sack if i cant convince my bosses that it is possible to do this even though they have paid 2 company's to search the laptop for proof that it has been hacked any advise on how this is possible ? is it just a hard to detect back door ? if so what is the hardest to detect ? thanks for any advise on how this is possible
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