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  1. Good day Reader, I have a Nano with firmware 2.5.4. I want to use it as a access point but it doesn't let the internet connection go trough. when I look at the networking > route I see the "kernel ip routing table" and it only shows the br-lan can this be a problem? can the problem be resolved by factory resetting the device? or by just adding the other interfaces in the "kernel ip routing table"? kind regards, bitbot17 PS Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface * 255.255
  2. hello reader, i have been looking the internet for a tutorial on how to install moocherhunter on VMware or vitrualbox, does anyone have a link to a video tutorial? i also tried there "method" on installing it on USB, no luck tutorial download and PDF links. many thanks for the help
  3. if i understand correctly by making a raspberry pi openvpn server i am opening up my "internal" home network to the world unless i use a firewall or NAT service?
  4. @Darren Kitchen can you update the link in your github tutorial for the usbrubber duckyfrom this link http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/source/browse/trunk/Flash/Duck%20Programming.zip to https://github.com/midnitesnake/USB-Rubber-Ducky/blob/master/Flash/Duck Programming.zip it took me an hour to find the file. and how do i put the payload on the ducky via windows?
  5. do you have a link for the twinduck firmware? also doe the last script you wrote also contain the scripts to remove evidense?(powershell, CMD, and run command) because i want to try this out on my own computer
  6. sounds like you are not connected to the pineapple it self
  7. reinsert the sd card, i have to do this all the time
  8. i have fixed mine (find it weird though) i had to clear the installed modules. started to work normal again and had to install driver for usb compatable
  9. FIXED IT things i did. endless blinking was caused due to storage issue in my case(had to add a freaking micro SD) USB connection solved, DRIVERS installed and worked! the nano is getting quite hot though is that normal?
  10. havin the same issue, does yours also continue to blink endlessly ?
  11. i have the same problem endless blinking and also my laptop and computers running windows 7 i am able to connect to it via wifi BUT when connected via USB i am NOT seeying USB adaprters like AXIS adapters as in one of the pic's above i can login via wifi but it doesnt want to connect to clients as posted in this link of the forum Nano doesnt connect to clients any advice on fixing this or unbricking it? With kind regards
  12. i have a similar issue. i use my android phone to connect to the nano and when i want to connect to a secured AP and yes i know the password to it, it doesnt connect and it has the latest firmware. any suggestions? steps; turn on the nano login into the nano clicking on networking when i arrive at the wifi client mode i only see 1 wireless interface (wlan1) i press scan and find a few AP's, then i select the 1 i need and type in the password i press connect and wait a few seconds and nothing. any ideas what is going wrong ???
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