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  1. hoi , bedankt voor de gif. ik zie wat u duidelijk proberd te maken bedankt thx
  2. Android tetra. Empty log ? ? And I will MIDM. which interface it must take , to scan for client information? Is everything in the app standart set the correct interface? thanks for your help I have automatich clients conect zo far. urlsnaf log connections Emmy log ? On historie Oslo empty
  3. hi I understood you explain rather well! But you gift is not what I see in my phone !! the time is not good at !! but few hours later! I live in NL and the time is few hours later !!! THx
  4. the tim is not good! i can olso not set it? what you say is not true! The time he is giving incorrect !! And if I set him on my time zone eu then he goes back to origins of time and that is not good !! Help
  5. I can not set THE time adjustment . Everitime these back to Taiwan! Time !? Who can help me I can put right in the app for my tetra time.
  6. current Configuration network .wan 2 interface network .wan2.ifname-pppo network .wan 2. proto 3g network wan2. service-cdma network. Wan2.device /dev/ttyUSB0 network wan 2. apn Live. vodafone .com network .wan2. username Vodafone network wan 2. password Vodafone network .wan2. defaultroute 1 network wan2.ppp redial persist network. Wan2.peer dns 1 network .wan2. dns 8.8. 8. 8 network wan 2. keepalive 1 network.Wan2.ppp I have mobile configuration completed as far as I understood what it meant to fill, but is not whorking. .See someone something strange here? Thanks for the help
  7. I ask why no pineapple app was created that works at Mark 5 ?? I do not want to nag, but if people like me who hide live, is purchasing a new pineapple a very precious thing! Shipping costs customs fees, I would willing to pay for the Pineappel app. I also have a question in the meantime I try. market 5 with USB and Android for seeing internet via tehetering. phone works okay on my laptop as a modem. the mark 5 i networks is a tap with mobile configuration. who has an idea of what you need to fill in? for I thought just did everything mar does not work. And if you Pineappel USB to see the Internet. you see that then the orange LED? do I see USB adapter support the interface. only is there a different ip adderess than (How can I change that? or should not? Even if I. Change standart router and click update router then he picks just to the br router .and not THE usb
  8. Hi I understand .but I could get through my Android marker v for seeing internet!. whitout de app
  9. I think I'm going to make a micro USB cable (Android) to Ethernet .then via smartphone to the Mark V try tethering. for gife it internet.
  10. O o? Therefore, it does not work, How should I then get to work? have tried without app but does not work. and why do they not app mark 5 ??? Is not weird? someone has an Android phone that he is working with USB Tetering, mark v? THx.
  11. Hi I have now tried everything to see me for pineapple mark v Android phone from the Internet, viu USB cable. but it does not work, the app continues to seek verbinding.als I hn from plug he asks if I have the USB ontkopeld so he sees hemwel.telefoon root is money, and works on laptop. it is a Sony E3
  12. Hello everything goes according to your explanation, but he continues to seek the pineapel .sony 4. Android. he is rooted but not connected with pineapple help
  13. gelukt . nu heb ik dus urlsnarf lopen ,en client conect , hoe en wat nu?
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