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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have a question regarding mounting the SD on the Nano. I don't see an fstab file on the Nano and where is the "Save Fstab" file in the web interface saving the fstab file? Here is what I've done. Nano is powered off, I put in an SD card into the Nano and powered up the Nano. SSH as root into the Nano after power up complete. Run df command, the SD card is not mounted. Issuing mount -a does not mount it. I cd to /etc/ to find the fstab file is a link to /tmp/fstab. The /tmp/fstab file does not exist. I then decided to power up the Nano first and then plug in the SD card. After Nano powers up, I plug in the SD card, run df command, the SD card is mounted. Seems it mounts automatically only after inserting card into running Nano., I have used the web interface and clicked the "Save Fstab" option with the SD card mounted, but I do not see a /etc/fstab file being saved. Do I simply create an /etc/fstab file so Nano mounts it at power up?
  2. Hi Folks i bought pineapple nano few days ago and i am running firmware version 2.7.0. The problem is that i can't see my sdcard that i inserted in it to install modules. I format the sd card in configuration - USB & Storage, once the format is complete i restart the nano as per some forums but so far i am not getting any luck. if i will try to install any module it will still show to install internally. Any help in this regard would be much appreciated. the fstab looks like below config global option anon_swap '0' option anon_mount '0' option auto_swap '1' option auto_mount '1' option delay_root '5' option check_fs '0' config mount option target '/sd' option device '/dev/sdcard/sd1' option fstype 'auto' option options 'rw,sync' option enabled '1'
  3. I just currently purchased the Hak5 Essentials Kit and currently setting up the pineapple nano. I have connected to wifi and able to see the modules available, but when I download one a prompt says, This module is developed by sebkinne, a third-party developer. Generally, module support can be found at forums.hak5.org. You do not have enough free space to install this module. Please insert an SD card and ensure that it is formatted correctly. I tried to reformat to ext /fat in disk utility, as I'm on a macpro. I am also running Virtual box with Backtrack5 and trying to make everything connect cohesively. Me being new to security and linux- doing this alone has proved to be somewhat difficult. I have saved the fstab- (which said downloaded successfully) also I clocked format card from the advanced options tab on the GUI and nothing happens. I apologize if there is a significant lack of information but I am eager to dial this in and learn what I need to use this awesome tool. Please advise and thanks for taking the time!
  4. Hey All, Few things here - 1.I see constant issues installing modules to SD card, IMHO path doesn't propagate properly during install. Any manual ssh fix for that? 2.Would be nice to be able and save config along with ALL modules and their settings in case firmware rollback or factory default is needed really bad. 3.Appears to me that modules like dwall and other goodies report only when Module splash screen is open and data streams live. If there an option to at least smtpout results report? 4.Anybody else tried Nano via tunneled router since sharing pc's lan traffic exposes your IP even if main connection is tunneled? 5.Talking about logging and sending reports - with the latest firmware reports come in not as an attachment but archive code in plain message. Weird but workable. >CUT begin 644 WiFi_Pineapple_Report_2018-02-15-14-18.tar.gzM'XL(`/SJA5H"`^V6P6K<,!"&?76>0OAL$LF6I>S<2J&WTE(*/92P
  5. I just got a Nano to replace my Mark V and was going through the setup process. After inserting my brand new 32GB SD card which was detected by the Nano. I followed the instructions and used the web interface to format the SDCard, out of the box it was FAT after all, and afterwards the Nano does not detect it anymore. I have moved the SDCard to the linux system that I use to manage the Nano and the card detects just fine. I even reformatted it for ext4 on that system, which completed successfully was re-detected correctly by the linux system, but when returned to the Nano it still doesn't detect correctly. I have even factory reset the Nano after everything and it still fails to see the SDCard. I'm seeing a lot of posts out there regarding the Nano and SDCards, is there an issue or just a specific brand that we we have to use?
  6. I have a 128Gb SD Card mounted in my Nano (firmware 1.1.3). The SD card has been formatted via the GUI (USB drop down), but subsequent to formatting (and many restarts) does not appear in the left hand table. However, when I SSH into the Nano: fdisk -l shows: /dev/sda 134.2Gb /dev/sda1....130062240 blocks....Linux /dev/sda2.......1004031 blocks.....Linux ls /dev/sdcard -all shows sd -> /dev/sda sd1 -> /dev/sda1 sd2 -> /dev/sda2 /etc/config/fstab shows target '/sd' device '/dev/sdcard/sd1' fstype 'auto' etc ls /mnt shows sda1 cd /mnt/sda1 allows me to change directory to sda1, and I can create files on the sd card. So the card has been mounted, and is working at least at the command line. However, the Advanced Tab in the WiFi Pineapple, while it allows me to format the sdcard, does not show /dev/sda1 in the left-hand window and I can only save infusions to internal storage. Everything seems to be configuredd correctly, but for some reason the nano interface just isn't picking it up. Can anyone provide some guidance here? What am I missing?
  7. Hello, it looks like i placed topic in wrong area so posting here in relative one ( as i thought i will not get reply on that post which is not related), sorry for that. i am new with rubber ducky, can anyone explain the below things to me so that i can get a clear image for it. can i use it as a usb mass storage device ? like it should show in PC that new mass storage device found and i can put files into it directly ( the mounted sdcard space) ? without remove sd card again and again ? will payloads wrok ? if i put files directly from PC into sdcard (without removing) using ducky usb port ? will ducky works (executes the commands / keyboards key ) while pluging into PC first time ? like as i feel like it does'nt work on first time it detects and install drivers and i have to re-plugin again to get it work. Thank you in advance, please explain a bit and suggest.
  8. Hello, Since I have my pineapple I always have one or more out of 4 problems. Does anyone know how I can solve this. 1. There is a problem with the recon page. Or there are no results or the scan keeps being stuck at 100%. 2. The Pineapple doesn't recognize the SD card. 3. The pineapple PineAP settings are all on, but the pineapple is not broathcasting any of the ssids in the pool. 4. The pineapple kick's me from the management wifi and disconnects everybody. What could be the reason(s) for this problem(s). Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Hi, I have strange problems. 1. After formating my sdcard (a Sandisk 32GB HC) with the webgui, my sdcard is recognised and works fine. But after a reboot it isn't recognised anymore and needs to be reformated to be seen again. It started after flashing my WP5 from firmware 1.3.0 to 1.4.1 I flashed the firmware using the webgui on the WP5 and followed teh given instructions. Before reboot after format: After reboot: fstab configuration: Task manager: PID USER VSZ STAT COMMANDKill 1 root 1524 S initKill 2 root 0 SW [kthreadd]Kill 3 root 0 RW [ksoftirqd/0]Kill 4 root 0 SW [kworker/0:0]Kill 5 root 0 SW [kworker/u:0]Kill 6 root 0 SW< [khelper]Kill 7 root 0 SW [kworker/u:1]Kill 61 root 0 SW [sync_supers]Kill 63 root 0 SW [bdi-default]Kill 65 root 0 SW< [kblockd]Kill 94 root 0 SW [kswapd0]Kill 143 root 0 SW [fsnotify_mark]Kill 155 root 0 SW< [ath79-spi]Kill 166 root 0 SW [mtdblock0]Kill 171 root 0 SW [mtdblock1]Kill 176 root 0 SW [mtdblock2]Kill 181 root 0 SW [mtdblock3]Kill 186 root 0 SW [mtdblock4]Kill 191 root 0 SW [mtdblock5]Kill 232 root 0 SW [kworker/0:1]Kill 422 root 0 SWN [jffs2_gcd_mtd3]Kill 424 root 0 SW [flush-mtd-unmap]Kill 448 root 0 SW [khubd]Kill 459 root 0 SW [scsi_eh_0]Kill 460 root 0 SW [usb-storage]Kill 461 root 0 SW [kworker/0:2]Kill 462 root 0 SW [kworker/u:2]Kill 480 root 1556 S {rcS} /bin/sh /etc/init.d/rcS S bootKill 481 root 1524 S initKill 483 root 1516 S logger -s -p 6 -t sysinitKill 516 root 0 SW< [cfg80211]Kill 555 root 0 SW< [rpciod]Kill 564 root 0 SW< [nfsiod]Kill 656 root 1528 S /sbin/syslogd -C16Kill 658 root 1512 S /sbin/klogdKill 660 root 860 S /sbin/hotplug2 --override --persistent --set-rules-fKill 672 root 872 S /sbin/ubusdKill 741 root 1856 S {mobile-keepaliv} /bin/bash /etc/pineapple/mobile-keKill 847 root 1488 S /sbin/netifdKill 1241 root 1520 S /sbin/watchdog -t 5 /dev/watchdogKill 1433 root 1624 S hostapd -P /var/run/wifi-phy0.pid -B /var/run/hostapKill 1559 nobody 788 S /usr/sbin/atdKill 1567 root 1524 S /usr/sbin/crond -c /etc/crontabs -l 5Kill 1572 root 3852 S nginx: master process /usr/sbin/nginxKill 1574 root 4140 S nginx: worker processKill 1577 root 1812 S php-fcgi-daemon /var/run/php5-fcgi.sockKill 1580 root 1516 S /bin/sh -c /usr/bin/php-fcgi -b /var/run/php5-fcgi.sKill 1581 root 7604 S /usr/bin/php-fcgi -b /var/run/php5-fcgi.sockKill 1585 root 2864 S /usr/sbin/sshdKill 1638 nobody 956 S /usr/sbin/dnsmasq -C /var/etc/dnsmasq.confKill 1655 root 1520 S /usr/sbin/ntpd -n -p 0.openwrt.pool.ntp.org -p 1.opeKill 1759 root 1508 S sleep 10Kill 1760 root 1520 S sh -c psKill 1761 root 1516 R ps 2. WP5 doesn't keep my settings. After every reboot, I have to reconfigure my settings. Probably related to the first problem, but I'm not sure. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance EXTRA INFO: When going in via SSH and doing fdisk /dev/sda I can read the partitions. After closing fdisk with "w" there are my sda1 and sda2, and fstab mounts them. And the WP5 sees my sdcard again. hummm weird.
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