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  1. Hi All, I have recently started playing with the packet squirrel. I have the openvpn server setup and the squirrel connected. I can ssh to the squirrel on my network via the tunnel, however if i try to connect to anything on the network subnet it times out. Ping fails with destination port not reachable, traceroute gets all the way to the squirrel and then fails, so i am assuming that this is probably down to the firewall. The one thing i am looking for is the log files for the firewall and openvpn on the squirrel to see what is going on. Where are these stored on the squirrel? I have looked in the usual places, but i am unable to find them. Any pointers would be great. Simon
  2. Hiya, Not sure if this is going to help. Attached is a screen shot of my modules in the turtle GUI, i have also attached the two scripts from my modules directory on overlay. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks, Simon QuickCreds responder
  3. Hi, Sorry for the very newbie question here. But i have been playing with my Nano over the last couple of days. But when i try to get client mode up and running it never returns my home router when i run the scan, it will pick up the majority of my neighbors kit, but never my own. When i use my nexus tethered to it, it works great. But i would like to get client mode up and running. Thanks, Simon
  4. What i will do in a few mins when i can find a machine in the office that will not set off all the bells and whistles, is plug my LAN turtle in and take some screen shots for you. From the modules menu it is using the quickcreds modules.
  5. I followed the original web site https://room362.com/post/2016/snagging-creds-from-locked-machines/ Just made sure that my Lan Turtle was at factory default and latest firmware. I did make sure that i ran the opkg update prior to trying to Responder starting and downloading its dependencies. I did get a bunch of errors the first time i tried to enable Responder (prior to running opkg update). I also created the loot directory myself. But other than that it was just following the above website. Cheers, Si
  6. Hi, My nano is tethered to my nexus 7 nethunter. Once tethered and the wifi card on my nexus is up I can download the modules. Btw, it is a good idea to have a SD card in the nano, the memory onboard fills up really quickly. Thanks, Si
  7. I have been playing with this over the last couple of days and have managed to get the Lan Turtle to snag creds from my Domain Joined Windows 10 machine.
  8. Thanks for coming back to me. Will investigate this and get one on order. Thanks again, Simon
  9. Hi, I am looking at buying the Tetra Elite version over the next few days. But i want to check that the power adapter that comes with this has a UK plug adapter? Sorry for the stupid question! Thanks, Simon
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