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  1. Answer my own question seen as nobody else did case anybody who else is new to the pineapple the infusion can be found on the command line infusion tab on the pineapple bar also same problem as above infusion just does nothing after (pineapple infusion delorean command) nothing happens ?
  2. Does any body else have a problem with recon mode not showing connected clients i know the clients are connected because it is my clients that are connected takes about 5 refreshes for it to show one client then after i refresh shows no clients again is this a bug or is there something wrong with the pineapple antennas
  3. Where did you get the infusion from ?
  4. Sounds good mate keep up the work will stay tuned to this.
  5. Do not know if it is a error or i am just not using it correctly but i have 3 clients connected to the PineAp suite all with internet connection and nothing shows * Description of issue Just shows Mac address of built in WiFi card and states not connected * Configuration of Infusion Info getter installed Hidden Iframe installed Database on SD installed * Version of Get Infusion 1.4 * Version of MKV firmware 2.3.0
  6. hi i have a question regarding urlsnarf on the small tile its default device to use is lo when i open the big tile its default device is br-lan is this just the way the infusion works or do i need to set both small tile and big tile to br-lan or just leave as default small tile lo big tile br-lan Thanks in advance
  7. i understand a little about what the infusion does but cannot seem to get it to work i open the big tile and all i see is a mac address of a alfa card and states not connected ? any help on this thanks in advance
  8. Can feel the difference in the overall UI smooth and clean even with PineAp All running the UI does not feel sluggish and i do not get any random lockups great release Thanks to all involved
  9. +1 To this, @notchener you can however get the victim to connect to a fake AP that has been created by the pineAP and that is only if the device you are trying to get onto your fake AP has a stored NONE unencrypted profile on there device so you basically ddos the client from the encrypted AP then the device the client is connected to will move onto the next probe thats in there list and if it is a none secured AP in the list it should connect to the fake AP created by the pineAP does this make sense Think of it this way two profiles on your mobile phone (1) HOME WIFI SECURED (2) FREE WIFI IN TOWN when you are at home and your mobile is connected to your home WiFi with a password as soon as you go out of range of the AP you are unable to connect if you go into your local shopping center and you have connected to profile (2) before your mobile will auto connect to that AP this is how you would achieve getting the secured client onto the unsecured AP you just keep death until it gives up and connects to the next one in the list as far as the client device is concerned when you are stopping it access from the secured AP it just thinks it is out of range then moves on. to test this yourself create a WiFi profile on your phone with no encryption connect to it then connect back to your home WiFi start PineAp suite then turn of your home router and watch your phone disconnect from your home network and connect to the unencrypted WiFi profile you have just created
  10. The firework led status you speak of is normal when the pineapple is loaded that is how the leds are suppose to flash try this guide from hear https://scotthelme.co.uk/wifi-pineapple-mark-v-introduction-setup/ it is a great write up on how to fully set your pineapple up helped me out when i first started any problems just reply back hear and i or any of the more experienced members will give you any help good luck
  11. Solved What I had to do if any body else is having trouble you need to connect to your own AP created by the pineapple so you are then on the same network as the victims then in nmap/zenmap armitage what ever you use scan the network range and bingo the victims show up in the scan list handy for displaying what if any ports are open etc
  12. No suggestions on this guys ? even when i run a scan with zenmap it finds all hosts on my network plus the IP of the pineapple but not the the IP given to the victims from the pineapple even if i manually put the IP from the dhcp client tile it says the host is not up when in fact it is as i am able to browse internet etc how is one supposed to do any recon of the connected clients ?
  13. Hi how would i scan for targets i run Armitage on my laptop scan my whole network with built in nmap function it finds all hosts on my network so that is fine hear is the problem i have two test laptops connected to the pineapple AP i have internet etc so all is fine the problem Armitage/nmap only finds the the mark 5 ip but not the ips of the test laptops connected to the mark 5 where am i going wrong any help would be appreciated
  14. not really what i was hoping for oh well win some lose some i guess
  15. How have you got the pineapple set up ? have you managed to set it up first time changed password etc then it reboots now you cannot get on or have you not even got that far ?
  16. Cheers for the reply's Guys 32gb sounds good to me thanks alot
  17. What is the maximum sd card size the mark 5 can take just want to know before i buy one was hoping usb would work but after looking this was only available on the mark 4.
  18. Hi i seem to have a problem with certain infusions mainly sslsplit sslstrip and urlsnarf whenever i start one from the tile it says running if i open the tile it states it is not running with a red x or even if i click the refresh button from the tile it changes from running to not running is there a fix or is this a known error Just to add when i click say sslstrip and i refresh and it says its not running it kills my internet connection what could be the problem ?
  19. Cheers for the reply i did not know about recon mode this has fixed this for me scan for AP+Clients spam deauth client until the victims device connects to a open fake probe that there device has stored that has in turn been created by pineAP
  20. How are you creating the evil twin manually by terminal or by script ? i always say it is best to learn from terminal before going straight into scripts as then if you run a script you can figure out what is going wrong but if you are in a rush to use a evil twin have a look at easycreds.sh for creating one and you can specify what ip, gateway etc to use with this script but if you are doing it manually try changing your Isc-dhcp config to this see if this works out for you dens-update-style ad-hoc; default-lease-time 600; max-lease-time 7200; authoritative; subnet netmask { option subnet-mask; option broadcast-address; option routers; option domain-name-servers; range; }
  21. Cheers Guys sorted it all out now unlocked for me after 4th post
  22. Nobody got an idea of how i might accomplish this been looking everywhere cannot find a answer does that mean it is impossible and the only way to use wireshark with the mark v is to have it hardwired to a pc/laptop and have ICS Bit of a disappointment if this is the case as if it does not work with wireshark that probably means any other software on the pc wont work in conjunction with the pineapple unless it is hardwired to the pc/laptop ?
  23. Hi How do i change my avatar it keeps giving me the error member_profile_disabled i tried looking for any forum rules to see if it stated you need so many post etc but could not find any also how do i add a signature like below Thanks in advance The More you learn the More You are able to Teach
  24. Hi how do i use wireshark i no the simplest way would to be just choose my local LAN and scan that way but i do not have my mark 5 setup like that i have it hardwired to my router any help would be great Thanks in Advance The More you learn the More You are able to Teach
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