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  1. sslstrip is dead. The new way of mitm is break strict transport security https://www.blackhat.com/docs/eu-14/materials/eu-14-Selvi-Bypassing-HTTP-Strict-Transport-Security-wp.pdf https://github.com/PentesterES/Delorean/blob/master/delorean.py and i waiting for pineapple port... spain hax0rs r00lz!!
  2. well, I've cleared the cache and I've tried other browsers. Firefox 32.0: Iexplorer 11: Chrome 37.0.2062.103 : Chrome works fine.
  3. deauth infusion dont show some windows correctly (blacklist and whitelist). Logs infusion dissapears information. My default browser is Firefox
  4. Thanks for ur work Seb. Now, on 2.0.4, some infusions show some errors in the css, like deauth infusion. must be updated there is a platform for developing pineapple? Ticket type, as dev.openwrt ¿? to report errors and audit code? edit : "logs" infusion show problems in the css too.
  5. please, excuse my ignorance. I can do exactly that with this new device? - Listen to any radio conversation? (aircraft, police, ambulances, boats ..) - And I can deal with that information? I can do DDoS radio? I can deliver? I would like to know the possibilities of this device practical scenarios
  6. ofcourse, but is ugly (but very easy to modify). Feel free to change whatever you want.
  7. hey daniboy92 here a simple captive portal 100% work #1 Get fresh evil portal infusion (2.3) #2 Configure : Auto #3 Copy these files in your pineapple(with ftp, sftp, ..) : a) splash.html --> to --> /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs b) fonts (full directory) --> to --> /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs c) style.css --> to --> /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/images d) h.jpg --> to --> /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/images e) service.php --> to --> /www #4 start nodogsplash service #5 enjoy!! files (mega.co.nz) -> http://goo.gl/7DdqcO File to save input box in --> /www/stored.txt
  8. please newbi3, fix your infusion (evil portal). Don't refresh tabs. work perfect, but infusion dont apply changes, dont refresh, dont close tabs..
  9. hello, since I bought the pineapple, I had problems using urlsnarf and ssltrip simultaneously. The biggest problem is that I try to urlsnarf and sslstrip working on different browser tab. Problems encountered: 1) the "victim" sailing from pineapple lose his connection and have trouble navigating 2) fails to information infusions pineapple and I have to restart to make it work sslstrip / urlsnarf again With the above compilation of firmware (2.0.2) I got some stability, with earlier versions also had problems, but on occasion worked well. Now with the new version, 2.0.3 I return to experience all of the above problems. Anyone feels the same? For all tests I used pineapple factory firmwares. without changing any network settings.
  10. thanks for this post. well, if u want, please explained for community newbies (like me) some n00b questions. 1) what is PineAP infusion? and.. use for...? 2) what is the difference with other old tools?
  11. ohhh yeah!! yesterday refresh OTA and can't found. Thx!
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