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  1. What kind of combinations did you try ? because It should be Lely Lely. admin - admin Lely - Lely lely - lely .. .. .
  2. Does the PacketSquirle support P0E ?
  3. Waiting to see this on the Hak5 devices :)
  4. Can't wait for the releases and Pre-Order !
  5. close vncviewer and stop uvnc_service look ultravnc.ini and find this line LocalInputsDisabled=0 <-- read/write, control allowed LocalInputsDisabled=1 <-- read only, view only `
  6. Ah , I thought you was doing something like PoisonTapper https://samy.pl/poisontap/
  7. Isn't that why where here for ? Cheating the World ; )
  8. Well, Yes. But this way there is no need to do it for all my devices. My phone, Tablet, Laptop, Smart-TV ect are all Add Free this way. And otherwise i need to adjust my host file for each device. Now i just connector to my network and add are gone
  9. Yeah, I got some Pi's that i am using with The Pihole project That's a easy one and a really something to do. https://pi-hole.net/ And i got the HASS ( Home Assistant: https://home-assistant.io/ ) you can make you'r own "Smart" Home with it. And the really have many compatible devices , Many devices are connectable with it take a look here ( https://home-assistant.io/components/#search/ ) For now i got 1 Pi3 left and 1 PiZero . One Zero i connected with the Home-Assistant and that measures now my room Temp and moving detection, ect.
  10. Well , the price isn't really cheap.. I can whait a while. I go for AMD if it is really cheaper
  11. I got Wallpaper Engine, But i ain't really sure if you cant find your's here. http://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/Wallpaper_Engine/
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