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  1. Are the new interface/apis coming to MArk V as well ?
  2. Yes I know, ettercap is available; however I think a simple, no-frills, arp spoofer available via webif, would be really handy for 'pineclient' situations. Cheers. Alex
  3. after ifdown-ing/ifup-ing wlan0, pineap refuses to start; resetting its mac address from the network tab restores pineap until next ifdown/ifup cicle. Going to fill a bug report.
  4. I just want to say that I enjoy the update, the wait has been well worth it, that I love my Pineapple and most of all, I love you all and I want to hug you all @hak5. Especially Shannon. But, really, EVERYONE.
  5. I like the ecosystem you're building up, looking forward to WORLDPWNAGE*! * for educational purposes only
  6. Sorry, I misread; to have both mac addresses matching, you need a little scripting; just feed your wlan* spoofed mac address to macchanger and have it change mon* addr for you. I encountered the same problem on my Linux distribution sometime ago; resorted to some script hooked from an udev rule; let me search for it and I'll get back; the scripting part should be doable on the pineappl, it involved some grep/awk, nothing fancy.
  7. you need to bring the interface down before changing mac address: ifconfig mon0 down macchanger -r mon0 ifconfig mon0 up
  8. I suspected it, reading the changelog; no problem, we'll wait :)
  9. Running firmware 2.0.4, can't scroll down the large tile after opening this infusion. Tried internet explorer and Firefox 32
  10. Thank you, I think it would be a nice addition, however, I think a single filesystem would be a useful upgrade =)
  11. Currently I'm testing this with the included 2gb sd card, in my case a class 6 card. It's not giving me problems whatsoever.
  12. Some infusions let you choose to install deps to Internal/SD while others don't; I tried installing manually to SD for p0f & evilportal and found no problems (apart from symlinking to / which I did manually), we'll see if any problem arises.
  13. Hello, this is a little trick to help relieve our beloved pineapple need for entropy; here comes the haveged daemon! Haveged feeds the kernel entropy pool by measuring cpu cycles, I tested it for some 2 weekes and the entropy bunny is really happier now; so here it is a quick guide to get everyone up and running: ssh into your Pineapple and make sure it is connected to internet, then opkg update opkg --dest sd install haveged ln -s /sd/etc/init.d/haveged /etc/init.d/haveged /etc/init.d/haveged start /etc/init.d/haveged enable reboot Hope you'll find it useful! Alex
  14. Installed evilportal; by default it installs nodogsplash onto main memory, not sd; so I manually installed nodogsplash to sd and I had to link a bunch of files/dirs from /sd to / (think about repeating everytime an upgrade comes, for every package) so I thought it would be nice to have just a root tree comprising flash and sdcard in unionfs; no more fiddling, 1 choice less to manage in opkg, more elegant, more manageable, just my 2 cents ;-) Every time an update comes out, configurations are not lost; and an sd backup would take care of such configurations for all the other cases.
  15. Wouldn't it be more manageable to use the sdcard as a unionfs on the Pineapple ? Would eliminate the need for infusions to be coded for installation/dependencies on sd card, and would eliminate the ugly/hacky need to symlink to root files pertaining to packages installed on the sd (think about init scripts). Just Wishlisting.
  16. This offline attack scares the shit out of me; if 'good' PRNGs are found vulnerable, then hell may break loose. LET'S ALL PRAY THE LOOORRRRD.
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