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  1. Hmm.. and macsec too could be an issue?
  2. Hmm... does it support POE passthrough for access points or cameras for example?
  3. Yes, you could be right. My laptop that I tested it on is a Lenovo and I just tested it on my Dell at work and it doesn't behave the same way. Still, it just doesn't seem like that should happen!
  4. Last night I stumbled across a very interesting Windows 10 bug (it might also affect other Windows versions) and I'm using Windows 10 Pro. If your keyboard has those silly shortcut keys to start say a browser, calculator, explorer etc, press the browser button and it should open a new window. Pressing the browser button again will just refresh the same new window. However, if the computer is locked and you press this browser or calculator button multiple times or even hold it down, it will keep opening and opening new windows until the computer can become almost unusable! I pos
  5. I've updated the script a lot since yesterday, now includes ICMP tests for results as well as checking the server is alive before running the test. Also, I just realized that this tool could be very useful for outdoor wifi deployment testing! I should also test it on my wifi pineapple to see if it'll run... Take a look on the github repo and please give me any feedback. https://github.com/mzac/iperf_gps Thanks
  6. Ok well I went ahead and wrote a linux bash script to do this... I've tested it with a stationary raspberry pi with a BU-353 USB GPS, I'll have to test it on the road. I made sure to make it as simple as possible and not depend on too many extra packages. You just need gpsd and iperf It writes to CSV format so you can massage the output into a kml I'll post this eventually on my github page so I can keep it up to date. Update: Here is my github link: https://github.com/mzac/iperf_gps #!/bin/bash # How many seconds to run the iperf test iperf_test_interval=5 # How many seconds to sleep
  7. Hey all, I'm looking to see if anyone knows of either an app for iOS or Android that would do the following: - Track current location with GPS - Run a ping to any IP or run a speed test with iPerf or something similar - Timestamp results - Export results in CSV or KML format I'm looking for this for two reasons. First, when I go to work on the train there is always a dead zone I go through and I want to show to my carrier the problem, I don't think they're going to take a ride on the train or lend me equipment to prove it. Second, for work I am working on a mobile LTE deployment in a ve
  8. Just thought I'd point out that in newer versions of Chrome (I'm using Chrome beta 40) you are now starting to get a warning that the certificate on forums.hak5.org is using an older SHA1 certificate. The industry is going more towards SHA2 certs... Not sure if you can request to get a SHA2 cert for free or does it cost something? We are looking into this as well at my work as our certs are SHA1. Why Google is hurrying the web to kill SHA1: https://konklone.com/post/why-google-is-hurrying-the-web-to-kill-sha-1
  9. Maybe we should have a sticky topic to share when we see the pineapple in the news? I once posted that I saw it on Good Morning America, and tonight here in Montreal I saw it on the French news show 'Le Telejournal' on 'Radio Canada', Quebec's version of CBC. Edit: I found the video of the report: http://ici.radio-canada.ca/audio-video/#urlMedia=http://www.radio-canada.ca/Medianet/2014/cbft/2014-10-29_22_00_00_tj22h_0000_03_1200.asx&pos=0
  10. Yeah I saw it in the video, what is the Red WRT?
  11. I saw Darren's tweet today re the pineapple on GMA, here is the link: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/public-wi-fi-data-secure-25670604
  12. I've noticed that when trying to use PineAP and Karma that in order to have clients connect that my AP settings under network have to be set to open. Is there any way to have PineAP/Karma broadcast open SSIDs however that the management SSID be still set with a WPA2 key? This way I can log into the pineapple on a secure SSID and not be worried about sending credentials to the pineapple on HTTP, of course, I could just configure HTTPS... Also, could the use of namespaces be a good feature to separate the Admin from the user traffic? Similar to VRFs http://blog.scottlowe.org/2013/09/04/intr
  13. Yes, I am aware of the wiki however all the info I was looking for ins't condensed onto one simple to print page, but I will take your suggestion and I will be adding some official links to my cheat sheet :)
  14. I just got my MKV this week and I keep finding myself scouring the forums for specifics commands, settings, definitions etc, so I thought I would come up with a cheat sheet, something you could maybe print on a Letter or A4 paper to keep with you. I have a few ideas and started a Google Doc spreadsheet. Please if you would like to contribute to this sheet you can give me some ideas and I will add them. This is the first time I'm making one of these so of course if you have any formatting suggestions for the sheet/layout let me know too! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OskKEEOMDZxi2
  15. Hmm. of course now that I post this and test it again it is working... gotta love that... As for the power supply I'm using an old Linksys 12V 1A power supply so I'll see if I can get a 2A power supply. Unfortunately I don't have a TTL serial cable, need to get me one of those...
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