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Found 1 result

  1. I am having trouble understanding why Wifi Manager is adding radio configurations. I am seeing several things that I don’t understand. I start with a clean configuration by: rm /etc/config/wireless wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless reboot First issue – new radio configurations Now I use the Wifi Manager option Random Mac to scramble the mac accress for radio0. This shows me a new mac address. I use “Save” and “Commit” to make this permanent. Looking at the /etc/wireless/config file, a new line “option macaddr '2C:AC:41:8D:45:A8'” has been added to the file under radio0. Now I reboot – expecting to see the new mac address on radio0. After reboot, looking at the Wifi Manager panel, I see a new configuration called radio2 has been added with the original assigned mac address. The random mac is not working. (I don’t think the mac address option in /etc/config/wireless works.) Looking at the /etc/config/wireless file, I see that it is disabled but Wifi Manager says it is enabled. What is going on ? Second issue – cannot delete configurations Now I try to get rid of this new configuration. I use “Remove config” in the Wifi Manager window, then “Save” and “Commit”. Looking at the /etc/config/wireless file, the radio2 configuration is gone. Now I reboot – and the radio2 configuration is back! Third issue- Auto Detect I think that “Auto-Detect” is intended to reset the wifi configuration to defaults. When I perform “Auto-Detect” “Save” and “Commit”, it seems to have no effect sometimes. The /etc/wireless/config file is unchanged. If the /etc/wireless/config file is deleted manually, it can restore an original configuration. One time I tried it and it restored a configuration with the radios swapped. Is there a “right” way to use this ?
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