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  1. So I have been at least trying to test everything on my mkv. Its been bumpy so far. Anyways I tried PineAP once and had the problem where I couldn't get it to start. I would just click on enable and my web interface would freeze up for 5-8 secs and then become responsive again but PineAP would stay disabled. I found that each time i do this it makes a new mon interface on wlan1. So after a few tries i have mon0, mon1, mon2. So it seemed like it was doing something but not starting. I killed off all the mon interfaces and found a fix here. Which was basically to go into my network big tile -> advanced -> reset wireless config. And I got PineAP to work well and its great once you get it started. So after that I was messing around with ettercap and ettercap just kept refusing to start on any interface, even br-lan. many reboots later I still could not get it to start. I had the same issue with urlsnarf only it would start and run for like 3-5 sec (there was actual output in the textbox) then stop itself (This was on br-lan). So I went to change my ssid settings in the network tile and every time i saved them it would say wireless restarting, but nothing would happen. I thought this was strange so I tried to change mac addresses and that too was acting like it all went ok, but there was ultimately no change to my mac address. I tried pressing the reset wireless config and that reset it all. Then ettercap started working properly, but I had to use urlsnarf over ssh. Now I wanted to change my ssid off of the default pinapple ssid for my AP........ doesnt change. Now none of the settings would change in the network tile. I tried litterally everything I could think of, hostapd.conf ect and nothing would change my ssid for my AP. At this point I decided to flash it. Fresh Flash. I change my ssid successfully, get ettercap running successfully, and I still have to use urlsnarf over ssh, seems to be issues with that infusion. Anyways everything works great. I closed it all down and rebooted. Now when it boots back up, my mac addresses are still spoofed and my ssid is still the same I set it to. I try to start PineAP up again, but I am having the same issue as mentioned above and it just wont start. So I went to change my mac addresses back..... nothing happens. Press the reset wifi config button....... asks me to restart wifi ect...... nothing happens. I try to change my ssid....... nothing happens. I can ssh in and change my mac addresses manually, but when i click reset wifi config button... it sets them back to the spoofed ones. So pretty much nothing in the network tile is working, or at least working properly. I have rebooted several times and tried pretty much everything, and changing settings manually over ssh. Nothing is doing what it is supposed to or keeping any changes. PineAP still wont start. I am about to reflash. Hopefully there is some sort of useful information here or any1 can point out something I missed or something to try. I seem to be replicating this same weirdness with the network tile somehow. anyways let me know what you guys think. P.s. forgot to mention that in the log tile, I cant see anything. When i click between syslog and dmesg and custom tabs, they flash for a slit second then dissapear again behind what looks like the main web interface with a nav bar at the top but no tiles. its just black. but its contained under the tabs and in the big tile like a jframe or canvas
  2. I have actually figured out since last night that the following process seems to work: reboot ifconfig wlan0 down ifconfig wlan1 down (just incase it is up for some reason) macchanger -m 11:22:33:44:55:66 wlan1 ifconfig wlan1 up airmon-ng start wlan1 ifconfig mon0 down macchanger -m 11:22:33:44:55:66 mon0 ifconfig mon0 up So it seems that upon a fresh boot, if I make sure both interfaces are down, and change wlan1, then put it up, then start mon0 then bring it down and change it. it seems to work. Though if I run any commands or anything before doing this upon boot. I get the error mentioned above. So I just have to do it from a fresh boot as soon as I can. I have watched ps closely and havent found anything running that would hold mon0 up or anything. It is really strange. I will report back if I find anything else.
  3. That is literally exactly what I put in my first post... Thank you for replying though
  4. ok sorry for another post but now I am having the same issues as in the first post but with wlan1 as well now... I have no idea what is causing this. I have run airmon-ng check but as expected theres a ton of services running that would interfere. I have successfully changed my mon0 mac address 1 time, I have no idea how/why it worked but multiple reboots and can not get it to work again.
  5. So I killed any application that could have possibly been touching wlan0 or mon0(wlan0) and still couldnt get it to change. I guess I should note that there doesnt seem to be an issue with wlan1 and mon0(wlan1) changing the mon0 mac address. I just think it is strange I cannot do this on wlan0 in monitor mode. It might be something dumb, I am not sure still new to the pinapple.
  6. Hi all, new to the forums. Anyways in short, why can I not change the mac address of mon0? I can change the mac address of wlan1 and wlan0 successfully. But when put in monitor mode, mon0 still has the original mac address of the interface. Say on wlan0 my real mac is 11:11:11:11:11:11 and my spoofed address is 00:11:22:33:44:55. When I put wlan0 into monitor mode it will have the address 11:11:11:11:11:11:00:00:00:00:00... ect. which is normal. But in linux when i run: ifconfig mon0 down macchanger -m 00:11:22:33:44:55 mon0 ifconfig mon0 up I have no problems and my new mac address for mon0 shows up as 00:11:22:33:44:55:00:00:00:00:00:00 etc. (this is on linux with an atheros chipset usb wifi adapter) However on my pineapple if I try to run this same set of commands over ssh i get: Current MAC: 11:11:11:11:11:11 (unknown)ERROR: Can't change MAC: interface up or not permission: Device or resource busy And when I use the network advanced setting on the web interface to change mac address of mon0, it will say it has been set, and it will show the same mac as wlan0 but when i run ifconfig over ssh it still shows me the 11:11:11:11:11:11:00:00:00:00:00 address. Or it shuts down my mon0 completely. Am I missing something here? I looked around and could not find anything. Thank you for any help.
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