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  1. More information would be needed. Is it a weblogin, user account, etc? The basics are very quite simple, Create an array of passwords(preferably from a file/db), create loop to try each array item, validate iteration, profit.
  2. Why not create a guest account on the laptop with no password. When that account logs in, have it run the scripts to do what you want. Thieves are more than likely to take the path of least resistance. If they can log in and connect it to the internet, they'll use it. all others will factory reset/wipe if they can't get in. Limit the the rights on the account. Install and configure remote monitoring software. I use a very similar thing on my son's PC with a reverse meterpreter shell/custom scripts and tools.
  3. This seems like a good start. https://nuxview.blogspot.com/2016/11/poisontap-setting-up-backend.html?m=1
  4. I will definitely put these scripts on here at some point, been pretty hectic in my life offline. Plus the bash bunny just dropped... It is mainly looking at probe requests and having them output to a log. another script reads the log and alerts me via the pushover.net api. You can do this just as easily from the wifi pineapple. I also have it tailored to alert when they connect to my network.
  5. The crazy thing is, I actually do this at home to detect when my in-laws and such are close by as I don't live far from them. I'm using a Pi3 running kali with some custom scripts I have. Depending on the mac showing up, I have different actions set to happen.
  6. Wait...the matrix isn't real?!?!
  7. I'm here in the us and very interested, what about the flat rate shipping?
  8. I shall leave this here *snickers* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIgMo8gbyIk
  9. Sorry, overlooked The Post really, looked at what was offered first.
  10. Have you setup the pineapple after upgrading? If so this could be part of the secure setup. The forum search is your friend.
  11. How are you providing power to the pineapple? Not enough power could cause the reboot.
  12. Who said anything about learning c? Why do you think you would need to learn c? Have you read any of the posts in the forum? They are filled with great directions and explanations, you just have to look/search.
  13. If you could post your code snippet that handles the counter.
  14. Did you try resetting your pineapple? Also try clearing your cache in your browser before extreme measures of factory reset.
  15. I mainly use mine to allow my coffee pot to have connectivity to my network.
  16. There are more uses of the Wi-Fi pineapple than stripping secure traffic...
  17. I typically use my TF700T which supports USB Ethernet. I also use my Galaxy S5 or Dell Latitude D430.
  18. Is is just me or is it funny that the pen name Trip elix AKA William Murray is listed as writing fiction as opposed to non-fiction?
  19. I am having issues with the karma log, on my SGS5 and TF700T. Also the [x] on the big tiles on either device sometimes doesnt click.
  20. Same with my Galaxy S5 with chrome or built in browser.
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