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  1. It took me about a week to just get my wifi pineapple to work please someone help will pay good money to just explain how everything works pls pls pls I really want to learn and don't want to start from learning c so if someone has a heart and needs money please I need help
  2. I actually looked at the link you provided there are no meets in nyc and most of them are outdated thanks though for trying
  3. Thanks for the advice I'll look into it I'm just new on the seen and more of a monkey see monkey do kind of guy so that's why I'm looking for a tutor
  4. I think it's a year but there super nice try to talk to them they will work with you still waiting on some opinions before I commit to one
  5. Thanks for the reply Alfa is just sending me my choice of product for free so ur saying the nh or neh but if u had to choose one pros cons thanks sorry for the noobness
  6. Thanks for the prompt response but this is still a little over my head I get the concept but I would like to try some stuff out in practice and learn it has always been easier for me working with someone face to face I'm not a cop just a noob and I will def pay for the time I just want to learn and I see all these scripts and get overwhelmed it took me 3 hours to set up the pineapple I'm far from stupid but my expertise lies in social enginering I have the gift a gab so if any one wants to make so money and is in nyc I can drive to u meet at a Starbucks u can check me out first whatever I'm do
  7. In nyc area bought a ruber dukey and a pineapple and I am a bit overwhelmed you guys make it seem easy but I feel I got a little to much to fast I'm in the nyc area and bacally I would like to pay for some toutoring if any one is interested please contact me this is not a joke I just learn better one on one I really hope some one responds I know time is money and don't expect anything for free so message me if your interested Thanks in advance Noob SMH
  8. My Alfa adapter broke they they where kind enough to let me choose anyone I want as a replacement here where some choices AWUS036NH(USB adapter) & AWUS036NEH(USB dongle) are using ralink chipset.AWUS036NHA(USB adapter) is using Atheros chipset. I was hoping you guys can help me pick the best one to work with the mark v it doesn't need to be one of those but it has to be made by Alfa Thanks in advance sorry for being such a noob
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