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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I am interested in forming a hacker group with beginners so we can learn from each other, I'm relatively novice however know several things.
  2. I have noticed that no one on the forums has brought up this current event so here I go... Lizard squad is a new up and rising group that has been tormenting the gaming community recently. If you are not familiar with what they have done here is a nice list. -They have taken down xbox.com -They have taken down xbox live -They have taken down PSN -They have taken down destiny servers -They have taken down GTA V servers -They have taken down the MLG stream -They have made a bomb threat to the CEO of Sonys plane and made the plane land -Hacked Machinima.com -Hacked Steve-o's twitter -They have taken down Steam -They have taken down EA -And this is only the stuff they post on twitter And they live tweet the whole thing and somehow have not been caught yet and to make it worse they tweet pictures of themselves and the names of everyone in the "squad". This is unbelievable! I mean they are probably using proxy servers that they set up and Vpn's and all that good stuff but C'mon the amount of times they have took down xbox live is ridiculous. People are saying that they are DDOSing these servers but to take down these servers like microsoft and sony (which are meant to comply with high volumes) they must have a huge botnet, right? I have also heard that they fried a few sony servers and had to throw them out I don't know how accurate that is but what ever... I was also thinking about what you would need to do this probably a powerful computer to control the botnet and the IPS of the servers (is that public information or NO?) Also I believe that ONLY xbox's and xbox ones can connect to these servers so... did they get a botnet of xbox's, that dosen't seem right? Another possible theory that I had was since I heard they were frying servers my mind immediately went to the program SOCKSTRESS. So pretty much what I wan't to know is what you guy's opinion is on how they did this because honestly looking at their twitter they don't seem like you'r average hacker. (look it up you will get it)
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