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  1. hi, i read some stuff in the internet that a shellcode is a code piece that exploits a venerability, but to make a shellcode what programming language is used to make it? and there is any more stuff that i need to know about the basic about shellcode?
  2. i'm having some problems to make a kali linux usb in unetbootin i tried a lot of times, but it stills get stuck in 9 % , help?
  3. Hello, I installed ubuntu with the option to "side of the Kali system" then when I turn my leptop I have the option of booting linux kali or ubuntu, but how can I remove ubuntu and leave only the kali installed ? Once I removed the partition of ubuntu and left only the partition kali, but no system started and only received the "grub rescue>" prompt but how can I avoid this mistake again?
  4. i was going to install htop in kali linux. but i got the following error after an previous erro in install htop, the error downhere is the error that i got in the command apt-get -f install that the os forced me to do, so i could install other program :( Reading package lists ... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information ... Done You might want to run 'apt -get -f install ' to correct them : The following packages have unmet dependencies : libc -dev - bin : Depends: libc6 ( > 2.15) but 2.13-38 + deb7u1 is to be installed libc6 -dev : Depends: libc6 ( = 2.15-0ubuntu10 ) + deb7u1 but 2.13-38 is to be installed tshark : Depends: libc6 ( > = 2.15) but 2.13-38 + deb7u1 is to be installed Depends: wireshark -common ( = 1.10.2-1 ) but 1.10.2-1 ~ bpo70 + 1 is to be installed E: unmet dependencies . Try 'apt -get -f install ' with no packages (or specify a solution ) . what should i do ? when i try to install another program the error forces me to run "apt-get -f install" but when i run it i get the error presented up there. :( any solutions to cancel the stuff that is blocking me to install another stuff?
  5. As the title says, do hackers use Ubuntu OS? And anyone knows a good linux distro that it is not ubuntu, lubuntu, kali or Linux MInt?
  6. Sorry, google translator kkk, i mean It is true that the battery of a thinkpad is charged for a short time?
  7. Hello, for some reason when kali came out all backtracks downloads were gone.... But i like backtrack 5 so where i can find a backtrack 5 iso file? some one there have one? or a link to download? Backtrack 5 R3. OK? Thanks . :)
  8. Eduard Snowden was a pentester, system analyst or what? google stated that he was system analyst, he was really only an analyst, or a hacker? Or what?
  9. I knew the battery thinkpad hard bit is that true?
  10. Hello, i was asking myself why IT managers and hacker often use lenovo thinkpad leptops?
  11. Hello, is there any hacker program to arduino or something like that???
  12. Hello, i tried to join my open-wrt connection router to my 3g iphone shared connection and provide internet by the open-wrt router, but it didn't worked the wireless stuffs buged , and stuff and it was a big mass, i see Darren Kitchen idea in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uNdu9TM3HM at 7:36 minutes, this just works in android??? because i have an iphone. and if doesn't how can i do it?
  13. hello, i have a d-link dir-600 router with access to Internet, i tried to open ports on it so i cant ssh to my computer by another network connected to Internet i tried the option add a server too but when i tried to ssh it didn't worked :( so how can i do it? i tried a reverse ssh tunnel too but still didn't worked. am i doing right the ssh reverse tunnel... example (ssh -R 1100:myexternalip:1100 serverexternalip) i tried too (ssh -R 1100:myinternalip:1100 serverexternalip)
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