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  1. Thanks to all of my supporters and friends, we have achieved or goal (and much more). I received notification from YouTube that my channel has been reinstated. I will post my final thoughts and gratitude later today. Thank you all for standing by me... this wouldn't have happened without you. ...And thanks to those of you who doubted and criticized me. Your involvement was equally important in gaining YouTube's attention. For now, here is a link to my channel: http://hackersed.com -Chris
  2. Cooper, Why did I subtract "(or trying to, and rightfully so I might add)" from your statement? Whether or not you agree that I should earn a profit is irrelevant (don't interpret that as an insult - I value everyone's opinion). You placed emphasis on the financial component, implying that I'm primarily motivated by financial gain. This isn't true. In fact, my videos haven't been monetized since July. Money doesn't drive me. My viewers drive me. The discussions and compliments drive me. The need to help people find solutions drives me. The numbers drive me. You may not understand this but, wh
  3. I can hear the "jeopardy" clock fading away... and I'm anxiously waiting for a contestant to hit the buzzer.
  4. JRedded - I appreciate that you took the time to reach out. As I said earlier, it seems as though information censorship has become the core issue here. This is something that I'll discuss in my upcoming article for the Hacker News. For now, I'm collaborating with my teammates at CTF365 to make my videos available again. We'll get it figured out soon. Thanks again. newbi3 - Your contributions to this community are awesome. I've told you this in a past conversation but I'll say it again - the evil portal infusion is one of my favorite infusions. Your thoughts are shared by many others, and y
  5. I'm not really sure where to begin here. I guess I'll start by thanking bytedeez for starting this thread in an effort to support me. For me, information censorship is an underlaying issue. However, it's an issue that many are finding in my situation, and it's an issue that holds significance in our community. This is something that I'll touch on later. To those of you who have an opinion but remain uninformed, the Hacker News is going to publish an article telling my story. When the article is available, I will post a link. For now, I'd like to address some inaccurate statements and a
  6. This isn't necessarily accurate. Cyber law is becoming more comprehensive and well-defined, and it's something that we need to educate ourselves about. Everyone wants to take their Pineapple to Starbucks and steal Facebook passwords. My advise is this - "Don't take your Pineapple to Starbucks and steal Facebook passwords." Here are a couple of rudimentary questions that will be asked when determining legality: Was there a reasonable expectation of privacy? Like that camera in the bathroom stall... you may own the toilet, but it doesn't entitle you to the show. For what purpose was the WiF
  7. Yes, ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff is used to target all devices. If you leave the target field blank, it will automatically populate with ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff. Here's some bogus math: Default = Blank Blank = ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff = Target all devices Target all devices = Default Therefore, Blank = Target all devices
  8. I'm glad that I was able to help you out. The puzzle will never be complete. Each piece of the puzzle is a puzzle in itself... and the puzzle as a whole never stops expanding and evolving. Not to sound too philosophical. This is just one of the many reasons I enjoy security. There are too many challenges to face alone and, therefore, it never gets old or boring.
  9. Thanks for the shout out. I haven't done much with my channel lately because I've been extremely busy working on http://ctf365.com - our online security training platform. We provide our free users with access to several vulnerable-by-design servers and web applications, such as Metasploitable and DVWA. Our paid users get access to the main arena, which has real servers hosted by real people. The idea is to attack other servers while defending your own server, and our goal is to simulate the real world internet. We also hold weekend-long CTF competitions for our paid users. The next one starts
  10. I'll elaborate on what jmelody said to help answer your question. The source and target fields are part of Dogma. What does Dogma do? Dogma allows you to focus your KARMA attack towards a specific device. It also allows you to specify a list of access points to broadcast. Source field - This is where you specify your access point's MAC address. You can enter your Pineapple's MAC address (default) or a spoofed MAC address. Target field - This is where you specify the MAC address of your target. You can leave it blank (default) to target all devices or you can enter a specific device's MAC ad
  11. My advice is to stop placing so much emphasis on Facebook. Many people use the same creds for most, if not all, of their accounts (i.e. social media, financial, email, etc.). Compromise one of them, and you can often compromise the rest of them. LinkedIn Wordpress Instagram Vimeo Microsoft Live PayPal Wells Fargo Chase Bank of America Fidelity Capital One IRS.gov Amazon Target Vudu RedBox HakShop DigitalOcean
  12. You're welcome. Now that the Pineapple is gaining a new foothold, I'm trying to revive my interest in it. I'll see about making a PineAP suite tutorial.
  13. I agree, and I prefer "client" over "victim."
  14. There are three network connection categories. Each category has a few connection options. 1) Ethernet Pineapple to router via ethernet cable Pineapple to ICS-enabled computer via ethernet cable 2) Wireless (Client Mode) Pineapple to wireless network, wireless AP, or WiFi hotspot via wlan1 Pineapple to wireless network, wireless AP, or WiFi hotspot via USB network adapter (wlan2) 3) USB Pineapple to USB 3G/4G modem via USB cable Pineapple to iPhone or Android via USB cable Yes. By default, wlan0 is reserved for Pineapple clients and is set to master mode (AP mode), which allows c
  15. This one has me stumped. Maybe you need to buy a new laptop?
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