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  1. I've started messing with SEToolkits cloned website / credential harvester today and I got it working fine locally. For instance, when the credentials are harvested, the victim computer gets redirected to the real website and I can see the credentials have been saved in the text file. However, I tried doing the same over the internet and ran into some problems. I have forwarded port 80 on the router for the private IP that is hosting the Apache page on my Kali box and I am able to navigate to my public IP and get the cloned page, however, once I put in the credentials and submit, the website hangs and does not redirect to the real page, nor do the credentials get stored. Does anyone know why the cloned site would show, but not redirect or store the credentials? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I've been wanting to paint my ALFA AWUS036NHA for a while now. It's brand new though and would like to know if there are any instructions on how to open it up without breaking any clips inside. Thanks
  3. I've been curious about this. Whoever produces Hak5's background music does a pretty good job. There's defnitely some J Dilla influence in a lot of them. Please tell.
  4. Back in the day when I saw a news segment on jiggler keys and how they're purchased online for breaking into cars, guess what? I went online and bought some jiggler keys. If it wasn't on the news I never would've known about them.
  5. I tried to watch it and fell asleep. I think the best social engineering movie is "The Sting (1973)"... I know, 1973, wtf right? I swear on everything though it is such a kick ass movie. Think all of those movies like Catch Me If You Can, Thomas Crown Affair, Matchstick Men, Oceans 11.... After watching The Sting, I realized they ALL ripped this movie off. Such a great one. Nothing to do with computers, but if you're into social engineering it's a must-see.
  6. Hi guys, I haven't been able to find much information on this. I don't have a big budget, so I was wondering if it would be worth it to get an external graphics card to boost speed in pyrit. If it is worth it, can anyone recommend one that isn't too expensive? (Under $100?) Thanks.
  7. So, here's a fun hypothetical scenario for you: You're at a busy cafe on your computer when you notice a guy across the room has a pineapple on, poking out of his backpack. Now, a number of things could be going on. Maybe he's fiddling with some settings and doing something non threatening. There is no real way to tell though, so let's assume that we're quite certain that he is up to no good... What would you do? That brings me to a second question: What could you do? Could you just grab his arms, "Gotcha b!*7ch! You're not going anywhere!" Then call the cops on him? I mean... Really, that'd be extreme- something I'd never do. There are some paranoid people out there though who might have a vague idea of what a pineapple has the potential to be used for. It also wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the guy is stealing personal information like credit card info, passwords, etc.. The funny thing is, if someone went into a wallet I dropped and copied all the card numbers and id, then I would definitely give him the one two combo to the nut sack. Just an entertaining question. What would you do? How far could someone go if they caught you using one in public? Can they legally beat you down just as you'd legally be able to beat someone down for stealing your wallet? Thanks guys.
  8. Oh, hello. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to get the Pineapple shipped to this country, so I've been looking at alternatives. I've found tutorials on how to modify the TP-Link WR703N into a minipwner, but I am curious about which connection to use. I know the Pineapple Mk5 uses SMA connectors. I also recall Darren saying in one video that the 6db sma antenna outpowers the 9dbi rp-sma antenna in the mark4. So, is there any reason to use the rp-sma connecter over the sma connector? More importantly... Will the sma antenna even work on the WR703N? Thanks for the help.
  9. I've just read this on aircrack-ng website Thanks i8igmac for referring me to airbase-ng.. I've got another question now.. Surely, if one's computer connects to an essid that they are not familiar with and that little popup comes up saying, "You are now connected to ____________" the victim would get suspicious.. Can airbase receive the probe requests, mimic the essid that they are probing for to make it less suspicious? This doesn't really matter as obviously if the victim is home and it says, "Connected to Starbucks", since their computer is probing for Starbucks, they would catch on. I'm just curious if there is anything like this though. Thanks again hak5. Everyday making me less of a dumbass!
  10. Yes, I have just gotten the AWUS036NHA in the mail. Ah, so the -P on airbase-ng does the same thing as Karma? What about for instance, if I : airbase-ng -e 'Free WiFi' -c 1 -P mon0 Wouldn't the probing victims only connect to it if the essid was set to something their computer has already familiarized with in the past? Say, if their computer has never connected to a "Free WiFI" titled AP before, would their computer still connect to it? I was under the impression that karma had a list of potential essids that the victim computer would connect to if it is probing for the specific name, and would not connect if it is probing for an essid that is not within that list. I guess I should look into this more. Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated!
  11. I like the concept of Karma and want to play with it, but I don't have a WiFi pineapple. I was wondering if there's a way to set up something similar on a linux box. I haven't been able to find anything online as most articles just refer to the pineapple. Thanks!
  12. I've been reading about CTF and find it pretty interesting. Problem is I don't feel very confident about my skills and would like to know if anyone can recommend the best CTF resource for beginners. Are there a general skill set that one should have in order to get into CTF?
  13. Never use your age to gauge where you should be. You'll always end up justifying things using your age. For instance, "[insert Name] was 19 when he was a hacker. I'm only 16.". You'll end up being lazy that way. The best thing to do is just not think about anyone else other than yourself and hone your craft. This goes for anything in life. Age means nothing. Good luck.
  14. There are numerous threads dating back from '05ish up to several months ago on this. There is still no definitive post about which one is the 'best'. AWUS036H is the one that has made a name for itself, but I'm pretty sure that over a 10 year span something better would have come out. Some threads say the AWUS051NH is the best, people start conversing, and then the conversation just fizzles out. This seems to be the trend for most of these threads. So, I was wondering if anyone with experience with the Alfa line of adapters could recommend one to me. Which one is the all around best to get?
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